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Looking for something on the World Wide Web?

Check out these Search Engines and other resources. Some of them you can even search from this page! To use some of their more advanced search options you may have to follow the links to their sites.

Good searching!

Major Popular Search Engines:

Go to Alta Vista - US Web Site

Go to Alta Vista - Australian mirror Site

Or use the Alta Vista - Australian mirror Search Form:

Search and Display the Results

Go to Excite - Web Site

Or use the Excite Search Form:

Search Tips

Go to Hotbot - Web Site

Or use the Hotbot Search Form:

- H o t B o t - Search the Web for

Go to Infoseek - Web Site

Or use the Infoseek Search Form:


Type a specific question, phrase or Name.

Go to Lycos - Web Site

Or use the Lycos Search Form:

Lycos Logo

Enter search keywords:

Go to Magellan - Web Site

Or use the Magellan Search Form:

Search for:

Go to Webcrawler - Web Site

Or use the Webcrawler Search Form:

Example: hotels in San Francisco options

Go to Yahoo - Web Site

Or use the Yahoo Search Form:

[ Yahoo! ] options

Metasearch Engines:

Go to MetaCrawler - Web Site

Or use the MetaCrawler Search Form:

MetaCrawler search:
    any    all    as a phrase
Metasearch engines have no local database, operating entirely by querying other search engines. The engines utilized by MetaCrawler are Excite, Infoseek, AltaVista, Webcrawler, Yahoo!, and Lycos. Submitting a request to a metasearch engine will in effect submit it to a number of other search engines with a single keystroke.

Some Australian-grown search engines:

Go to Anzwers Site - designed for Australian and New Zealand Users

Or use the Anzwers Search Form:

- A N Z W E R S - Search the Web for

Go to Cowleys FindIt! - Web Site

Or use the Cowleys Search Form:

Suburb, town or state
OR phone area code
Aussie Web Sites
Enter a word, phrase or any
valid search string.

Go to Matilda - Web Site

Or use the Matilda Search Form:
Australia Search Engine

Multiple Word Search Australia International
Enter Your Words:

List Your Site | Promote Your Site
This Hours latest International or Whats New This Hour or Home Page
Click Here to utilise This Search Engine FREE of charge on your own site!

Go to Web Wombat - Web Site

Newsgroup/Usenet Searches

Newsgroups/Usenet can be searched through Alta Vista, Infoseek, Lycos, Yahoo, Excite, Magellan and Hotbot by selecting "Usenet" or "News" rather than "The Web".

Some additional Newsgroup/Usenet resources are available from:

Deja News

Liszt of Newsgroups

A few Public News Servers:

Supernews' WREN - Web Reading News Interface

The Daily News - A variety of free and subscription news and newsgroup services

Airnews - a subscription based Usenet News service

Mailing Lists:

A comprehensive compilation of over 70,000 searchable Mailing Lists can be found at The Liszt of Lists

File Search:

Search over 75Million files and 1000s of servers for freeware, shareware, & commercial software at Filez

Please send any comments or questions about this site to the

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