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Internet Resources on the World Wide Web

Links to Internet Software and resources including dialler, email and browser manufacturers, IRC software, audio and video applications. Also included are links to general security issues, and "watch-dog" software designed to try to keep your kids (or employees) away from in-appropriate material.

ALI Subscribers please note: technical and help-desk support for software products other than those supplied by ALI must be obtained from the supplier or manufacturer of the alternative product. We will help where we can, but we cannot give free support for all the variations of the hundreds, if not thousands of software packages that are available on the Internet.

Links are arranged where possible under the following general headings:


Internet Issues
Electronic Frontiers Australia
"Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc. is a non-profit national organisation formed in 1994 to protect and promote the civil liberties of users of computer based communications systems and of those affected by their use."
Includes campaigns to fight unnecessary Government censorship of the net and Telstra's repeated attempts to introduce timed local calls.
Electronic Frontier Foundation (US)
"...a non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to public resources and information online, as well as to promote responsibility in new media."
Includes the sucessful "Blue Ribbon" campaign to protect Free Speech On-Line.
General Internet Information and Links
Yahoo! Computers and Internet
Extensive links to Internet related products and sites - free and commercial software, on-line internet resources and references.
General Software Links
Stroud's Consummate Winsock Applications and The CWSApps List
"The CWSApps List is designed to be your one-stop download site for the latest and greatest software on the Internet.
"The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software"


Yahoo! Computers and Internet ... Winsock
Diallers, dialler information, TCP/IP, PPP etc
Networking for Windows 3.x
Numerous diallers and stacks for Windows 3.x
Windows 95 Networking
Alternative diallers for 95.
"Trumpet Software International Pty Ltd was incorporated in Tasmania, Australia in 1993 with its headquarters located in the state's capital city Hobart."
The Windows95 TCP/IP Setup
Networking for Maintosh
"...the tools to get you connected to the Internet...allowing users to use internet applications such as ftp and web browsers."
Includes links to download FreePPP, MacPPP and Open Transport.
Welcome to the Official FreePPP Product Information Page!
Internet Tools for OS2
Includes diallers, internet monitors and search engine applications.


Qualcomm's Eudora
Eudora Light and Eudora Pro for Windows and Mac.
TUCOWS E-Mail Clients for Windows 95*
"Email is perhaps the most popular use of the internet. These applications are for anyone with a mail account. Their functions vary..."
TUCOWS E-Mail Clients for Windows
Various email packages for Windows 3.1
TUCOWS E-Mail Clients for Macintosh
Various email packages for Macintosh
TUCOWS E-Mail Clients for OS2
"These applications are for anyone with a mail account. Their functions vary, from multiple account support, filtering and autoresponders to mail programs that store..."
Email Address Directories
Four11 Directory Services
The Internet White Pages - over 5 million listings (mostly U.S.A.)
Yahoo People Search
Telephone, address, email and home page locator, heaps of links to related sites.
"global e-mail directory for the online community."
Excite's Email Lookup
Find people's email addresses
Internet Address Finder
Search by name or email address.


Browser for Mac; Windows 3.1, 95, NT; OS2 and Unix.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Browser for Mac, Windows 3.1, 95, NT.
Internet - World Wide Web - Browsers
Listings and links from Yahoo for all platforms.
Web Browsers
Links to a variety of different browsers from The Web Developer's Virtual Library
TUCOWS or Strouds WWW Browsers for Windows 95
Various alternative browsers for Windows 95.
TUCOWS or Strouds WWW Browsers for Windows 3.x
Various alternative browsers for Windows 3.1
TUCOWS WWW Browsers for Macintosh
Various alternative browsers for Macintosh
TUCOWS WWW Browsers for OS2
"Various alternative browsers for OS2"


Yahoo! - Chat
Yahoo! Australian Mirror - links and general information on web chat and chat clients.
TUCOWS or Strouds IRC for Windows 95
Various IRC/Chat programs for Windows 95. See also links on the TUCOWS page to Direct Chat
TUCOWS or StroudsIRC for Windows 3.x
Various IRC/Chat programs for Windows 3.x. See also links on the TUCOWS page to Direct Chat
TUCOWS IRC for Macintosh
Various IRC/Chat programs for Macintosh. See also links on the TUCOWS page to Direct Chat
Various IRC/Chat programs for OS2. See also links on the TUCOWS page to Voice Chat and Televideo Conferencing.
mIRC Homepage
"mIRC is the shareware IRC chat program made for Windows by Khaled Mardam-Bey. It offers a fast and clean interface to IRC and it is well equipped with options and tools. You can download mIRC for free!" For Windows 3.x and 95.
"PIRCH is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for the Microsoft Windows 3.x,Windows© 95 Platforms and Windows© NT. This page will be updated with new releases as they become available..."

Audio & Video:

CU-SeeMe is available from Cornell and White Pines and from some of the following links to Strouds and TUCOWS.
TUCOWS or Strouds Video Apps for Windows 95
Various Video and Video Conferencing programs for Windows 95.
TUCOWS or Strouds Video Apps for Windows 3.x
Various Video and Video Conferencing programs for Windows 3.x.
TUCOWS Video Apps for Macintosh
Various Video and Video Conferencing programs for Macintosh.
TUCOWS Video Apps for OS2
Various Video and Video Conferencing programs for OS2.
Real Player and Real Audio
for Windows and Mac and Real Audio for OS2 (through WinOS2)


Security risks with Java, JavaScript and Active-X
How it IS POSSIBLE for someone from outside to rifle through your computer and files and track what you are doing while you are on-line. All those using Browsers supporting Java, JavaScript or Active-X (eg Netscape 2.0, and up, IE version 3 and up), PLEASE READ THIS!
CIAC Virus Database
"The CIAC virus database contains much of the information we have been able to gather about small computer viruses and Trojans. The purpose of this database is to identify most of the known viruses for the Macintosh and PC, and give an overview of the effects of each virus."
For Anti-Virus software go to the relevant section in the Computers Page.
Internet Hoaxes
"Hoaxes described on this page: PKZ300, Irina, Good Times, Good Times Spoof, Deeyenda, Ghost , PENPAL GREETINGS!, Make Money Fast, NaughtyRobot, AOL4FREE, Join the Crew
The Internet is constantly being flooded with information about computer viruses and Trojans. However, interspersed among real virus notices are computer virus hoaxes. While these hoaxes do not infect systems, they are still time consuming..."
Internet Chain Letters
"The Internet community is constantly being bombarded with chain letters in the form of e-mail messages. They claim all manner of warnings and dire notices of doom and gloom for your computer systems or for some poor soul somewhere...
The chain letters described on this page: PENPAL GREETINGS!, Make Money Fast, America Online Upgrade, Bud Frogs Screen Saver, A Little Girl Dying, Jessica Mydek, Anthony Parkin, Tickle Me Elmo, Kidney Harvest "
Monitoring Software to restrict access to unsuitable material:
(Please note: no software package can substitute for adequate supervision. If you can't work out the VCR, but can install and run this software, how long do you honestly think it will take your clever child to work it out? Determined, knowledgeable employees could also defeat most monitoring software measures.)
Microsystems Software's CyberPatrol for Windows and Mac.
CyberPatrol Corporate
"Cyber Patrol Corporate - Internet filtering and access management - Lets Businesses Restrict Content Not Suited to the Office."
Net Nanny
"The Best Way To Protect Your Children And Free Speech On The Net" - for DOS/Windows
"The people at InterGO Communications are dedicated to making the Internet a safe and productive resource for users of all ages." Windows 95 only.
A Windows program from Solid Oak Software
"SurfWatch is an award-winning easy-to-use filtering software solution that parents, educators and employers can use to screen the Internet..." Windows 95, 3.1 and Macintosh.

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