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Agriculture on the World Wide Web

The Internet is a resource tool. It's effective use or mis-use rests largely with the user. We are collating here a selection of links to usefull Agricultural sites, which we hope will assist rural Australians on the land, and those interested in the rural agricultural sector.

Links are arranged where possible under the following general headings for different aspects of rural activities:


"The most comprehensive listing of Organisations and Topics of Interest to Rural Australians. Over 400 links listed in 20 major categories including AgriInfo, Livestock, Crops & Grain, Wool and Farm Safety." Includes Market Reports and Classifieds.
This site is divided into all the main Agricultural areas. eg beef, wool, sheep, property, etc. Includes a news service called "Eureka"and futures updated on a daily basis - although fairly basic, it gives a reasonable indication of what's been happening.
AgNet - Australian Agriculture
Agriculture and related links for the agricultural community.
Victorian Farmers Federation
Official Home Page of the VFF.


World Wide Wool
This site gives a very comprehensive listing of market reports. Includes daily market reports giving details of the daily movement of individual microns, end of week reports listing of all lot's sold at auction on a 'point-of-micron basis. Plus links to a lot of other sites, including those of some of the major brokers, buyers etc. Has a lot of useful information to assist growers to value their own wool.
Livestock Virtual Library
From the US. Inludes beef, dairy, goats, horses, sheep, pigs etc.


"AgDirect is the number #1 (US) Cattle Site, with Published Sire Summaries available for Brahman, Canadian Angus, Charolais, Gelbvieh, Limousin, Pinzgauer, Salers, Simmental and Simbrah."
Livestock Virtual Library
From the US. Inludes beef, dairy, goats, horses, sheep, pigs etc.


Primary Industries & Energy Network PIENet
"Primary Industries and Energy Network PIENet is the main entry point to electronic information provided by the Department of Primary Industries and Energy DPIE, portfolio organisations and associated agencies. PIENet also contains a comprehensive catalogue of Australian electronic information on primary and resource industries."
"CSIRO is Australia's largest Scientific Research Agency." Includes information on CSIRO research, Industry Solutions, Publications, Products & Activities and CSIRO Agribusiness links.

Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
Meteorology on the Net from the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology, Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories, Commonwealth Government of Australia.
Latest satellite images and weather charts:
False colour infrared
Latest Australian Region Mean Sea Level Analysis Chart
Latest Australian Region Mean Sea Level Prognosis Chart
"Note the image times are in UTC, which is 10 hours behind Australian EST. So please add the time difference between UTC and your local time zone, to determine the "real" time of the image."
Real-time weather data (what the weather is NOW!)
Current weather conditions in Lavington
Northeast (Victoria) District Forecast
- New South Wales: North West, Central West and South West Slopes and plains, Riverina and MIA etc forecasts
Long Range Forecasts and El Nino/Southern Oscillation information
Laurier Williams' Australian Weather Links and News
Southern Oscillation Index - University of Newcastle
El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) - On-going NOAA advisories on El Nino conditions.
Farmweather - Weather Facts By Fax !
"Farmweather is a detailed rural forecast available on demand through Telstra's Infofax system." listing contact 019 fax phone numbers for rural regions and instructions on how to use it. From the Special Services Unit of the Bureau of Meteorology.

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