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Directories on the World Wide Web

Some handy directory references for finding things of everyday use - phone numbers, postcodes, email addresses, street maps etc.

Links are arranged where possible under the following general headings:

Telephone Directories:

Telstra White Pages
Australia wide telephone listings.
The Yellow Pages
Also Australia wide listings.
New Zealand
NZ Telephone Directory
NZ Directory Search, on-line telephone number and business look-up service.
European Phone Directories
An alphabetical listing of available European phone directories and services.
Massive - "Find phone numbers, e-mail and street addresses through the leading directories on the Internet."
Yahoo People Search
Telephone, address, email and home page locator, heaps of links to related sites.

Postal/Courier Information:

Australia Post Home page
- includes Post Code info.
Excite's US People Finder
Find people's addresses and phone numbers.
International Courier Services
DHL Worldwide Express
Australian Country Service Information
TNT Express Worldwide, including "Web Tracker"
United Parcel Service of America, Inc.

Finding Email Addresses:

Albury Local Internet On-line Local White Pages
Local users email addresses - searchable database of voluntary entries only.
Four11 Directory Services
The Internet White Pages - over 5 million listings (mostly U.S.A.)
Yahoo People Search
Telephone, address, email and home page locator, heaps of links to related sites.
"global e-mail directory for the online community."
Excite's Email Lookup
Find people's email addresses
Internet Address Finder
Search by name or email address.


Telstra's White Pages
Has UBD maps for inner Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Look for the Map link next to your phone number search results.
Albury Street Map
"either click on the grid square of your choice from the map image, or select the street name"

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