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Computers on the World Wide Web

Well, if it weren't for computers, there would be no Internet. So it's probably not surprising that computers and computer related companies have a really strong presence on the 'net.

Links are arranged where possible under the following general headings:


The Ultimate Industry Connection
A massive list of computer hardware & software manufactures, information and support resources. It's big! If they're on the Web, there linked in here.
PC Webopedia
"The PC Webopedia is the #1 source for accurate, up-to-date information about personal computers. Enter a search term or browse through the categories, and sail the Web!"


Apple Computer Home Page
"Welcome to Apple" Official Apple Web Site
Apple Support & Information
Can be difficult to reach during (Australian) business hours.
Apple System Software FTP Server and one of many mirror sites.
Can be almost impossible to access during business hours!
Major Australian Mac FTP sites:
University of New South Wales
University of Western Sydney
Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh
Based around the Book. Good collection of links.
The Well Connected Mac
"Your on-line guide to everything Macintosh ..."
Mac Newsgroup - FAQ
Macintosh Frequently Asked Questions
Macintosh Newsgroups
Hardware, software, programming, games, etc

OS2 Specific Links:

OS/2 Warp Home Page
From IBM - US.
IBM Web Site
Australian Mirror.
OS/2 Warp Migration Assistant
From the IBM Personal Systems Competency Center.
OS/2 Compatible Systems
Compatibility test information provided by IBM
OS/2 "Must-Have" Utilities And FTP Links
The OS/2 SuperSite
New Web Site for OS2 Shareware and Freeware.
OS/2 Software Solutions Product Directory
Database sponsored by IBM, OS/2 and Lotus.
SBT Information Systems
"... to increase awareness of OS/2 Warp and OS/2 applications."
Multitask Consulting
Software, Consulting and Education
OS/2 Newsgroups
Applications, games, hardware, marketplace etc.

Windows Specific Links:

Windows 3.x
Refer to individual vendors for extensive Windows 3.x support.
Microsoft Home Page
Windows 95 and NT support only these days.
"The best Windows 95 Information, Tools, and Shareware on the 'Net!" (Can be hard to get to)
Windows 95 Assistance:
The Windows95 TCP/IP Setup HOW - TO/FAQ
Frank Condron's Windows 95 Page
Win95 FAQ - Bugs and Missing Features
CD Rom Extras For those whose Win95 was on floppy.
"The Planet's Largest Software Archive for Windows"
Windows 95 Annoyances
"...a list of annoying "features" of Windows95, and workarounds for most of them."
Windows Newsgroups
Windows, 95 and NT.


Local hardware suppliers with pages on the Web:
Exact Computer Systems
Computer Sales and Service
MicroTalk Computers
"Our specialty is re-built computers..."
Orion Solutions
"Advancing Information Technology!"
Other Australian Hardware Suppliers/Manufacturers on the Web:
"Acer Computer Australia is proud to bring you Australia-specific product and support information..."
Apple Australia
Products and Support
Bozzo Brown's Computer Warehouse
Hardware, sytems etc
Chips and Bits Australia
"Welcome to the Chips and Bits Australia Home Page"
Compaq Australia
Products, support and services
Cowley Computing: hardware products
"jumpsite to thousands of hardware products"
Epson Australia
Products, downloads etc
Frank's Compware
"We sell PC hardware to all around Australia..."
HP Australia
Hewlett Packard Products and Services
IBM Australia
Product Information
MacWAREHOUSE Australia
"Everything for your Mac!"
Packard Bell
Welcome to Packard Bell Australia
Welcome to Toshiba's Home Page in Australia.


Freeware, shareware and demo files, files and more files for Windows, Dos, OS2, Macintosh and more...
Stroud's Consummate Winsock Applications and The CWSApps List
"The CWSApps List is designed to be your one-stop download site for the latest and greatest software on the Internet." Windows 3.x, 95 and NT only.
TUCOWS - Sydney and TUCOWS - US
"The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software". Windows 3.x, 95, NT; Macintosh and OS2.
TUDOGS Australian Mirror
"Top Quality Free Software, Graphics, and Services." - a varied collection.
"This website contains recommendations for Macintosh shareware that is worthwhile to download, and information to help you get the most out of your Mac."
Commercial Software Suppliers on the Web:
City Software Pty Ltd
"Buy Software The Smartway" - an innovative Aussie company on the web - "A Melbourne based software company that does a lot of mail order ... competitive too."


Trident Drivers and Technology
Updated video drivers for Dos, Windows (95,3.11,NT) and OS2.
Windows 95 drivers, 95 support and links


CIAC Virus Database
"The CIAC virus database contains much of the information we have been able to gather about small computer viruses and Trojans. The purpose of this database is to identify most of the known viruses for the Macintosh and PC, and give an overview of the effects of each virus."
McAfee Anit-Virus Software
"Companies worldwide depend on McAfee for system-wide anti-virus solutions"...for DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Unix and OS/2.
ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus Software Utilities
"ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus Utilities represents the first truly revolutionary anti-virus computer software to come along in years. Created in Europe to combat the growing threat of intelligent and sophisticated viruses around the world, these utilities offer an enhanced level of anti-virus protection at speeds that are unsurpassed in the PC arena."
VET anti-virus software
"Welcome to Cybec the home of VET anti-virus software."

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