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Family Resources on the World Wide Web

Just in case you didn't think there was something on the 'net for everyone, here are some useful family-friendly sites. Some are sites in their own right, some are links to lists of links.

Links are arranged where possible under the following general headings:

All-in-one great general Sites:

Cowleys Jumpsites - Subject Search
"...quick access to thousands of Australian web sites ..." - searchable.
"A directory of sites that are fun, entertaining, informative, visually awesome, or interestingly different."

Craft and Hobbies on the Web:

"The Craft Directory for Australians and the world!"
"Welcome to,, and, the Internet search engines for the greater arts, craft & hobby markets."
A World of Crafts - Links
"the ultimate on-line source for all of your crafting needs."
Hobby & Craft
US based (Washington) list of links to all sorts of hobbies and crafts
"- The Ultimate Kids Resource" (Australian)
Global Garden
"Welcome to Online Global Garden magazine, serving Australia and areas throughout the world enjoying a similar climate (e.g. California ), with well-informed views, news, reviews and clues on the art and science of gardening. We hope to intrigue, inform and inspire you."
"Welcome to Earth's Biggest Book Store" - the biggest bookstore on the Web - a readers delight!

Geneology Links:

Australia's Immigration And Family History Centre
"The ideal place to research your tree, gain help and advice and be educated in the mechanics of this fascinating hobby!"
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Australia & New Zealand (BIG!!! - Ed)
Dead Persons Society, Melbourne
A geneology site with a sense of humour and more links...
Genealogy in Australia
"The "Genealogy in Australia" Home Page is aimed at providing genealogists and historians in Australia, or with an interest in Australia, with information on what resources are available to them."
Australian Family History Compendium
"The Australian Family History Compendium is an Internet resource for people researching their family tree. It contains information on a wide variety of categories related to genealogy, with a strong emphasis on Australian material.
Family Tree Maker On-Line
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site - software, information, links

Health Resources:

First Aid on the Web
"...a collaborative project between St John Ambulance Australia and the Australian Government's Department of Communications and the Arts.
St John Ambulance Australia Quick Guide to First Aid
"This guide is intended for use in Australia..."
! First Aid !
On-Line First Aid information, First Aid Courses etc (Australian)
First Aid Online (US)
Basic First Aid and links to Online Medical Resources
First Aid Book
"From Med Access - a revision of the U. S. Department of Labor First Aid Book"
Children's Health, Education and Safety Services
"...main aim is to provide a variety of services and resources to improve the social, emotional and physical well being of children and adolescents..." (From the MBF)
"KidsHealth is the mighty Web site devoted to the health of children and teens."
Yahoo! - Health
Yahoo!'s list of health related categories and links to health related websites
HCN - Directory of Australian Health on the Web
"...a useful collection of links to sites that are Australian, health related, and content-rich.
Border Division of General Practice
"The primary aim of the Border Division of General Practice is to improve health outcomes for patients by establishing a close network of general practitioners in the Albury-Wodonga area."
The World Health Organisation - WHO
...on a slow link from China...
"A Guide to the Emergency Services of the World" (Australian)

Parenting Resources:

Mother & Child
"The Mother & Child Internet Community is the first fully interactive Internet Community Forum for Australian mums, run by Australian mums.
The Community is now 'live' and we invite you to come and join in. Membership is free and easy to do, so don't forget to fill in your details."
The Parenting Web Site
Parenting Resources from the Department of Family and Children's Services, Western Australia.
Parenting resources - US
Parenting - what to expect
Parenting and kids issues discussed - US
Parenting Resource Centre
Very American but well worth a visit.
Articles and links to a wide variety of parenting resources available on the Web.
"ParentTime lets you customize the site based on your child's age (age 0-18) ..."
Your Children and the Web
"is designed for kids (and their parents) to find fun, educational, and safe spots to visit on the World Wide Web."
The Web Guide for Kids from Yahoo!
SafeSurf Home Page
"Goal: a Safe Cyber-Playground Without Censorship"
SafeSurf Monthly Newsletters
Focusing on issues of how to protect our Web Surfing children without destroying or crippling the 'net in the process.
Software designed to monitor and restrict children's access to unsuitable material:
(Please note: no software package can substitute for adequate parental supervision. If you can't work out the VCR, but can install and run this software, how long do you honestly think it will take your clever child to work it out?)
Microsystems Software's CyberPatrol for Windows and Mac.
Net Nanny
"The Best Way To Protect Your Children And Free Speech On The Net" - for DOS/Windows
"The people at InterGO Communications are dedicated to making the Internet a safe and productive resource for users of all ages." Windows 95 only.
A Windows program from Solid Oak Software
"SurfWatch is an award-winning easy-to-use filtering software solution that parents, educators and employers can use to screen the Internet..." Windows 95, 3.1 and Macintosh.

Pets on the Web:

Pets - General
"Your Guide to Pets on the Internet"
Yahoo!'s index of Animals, Insects, and Pets on the Web
Animal chat rooms, links and Pet Resources
WALTHAM World of Pet Care
"...everything you ever wanted to know about owning and looking after dogs, cats, fish and birds..."
"- detailed information for Australians and their pets"
"-- all about pets, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, rabbits, ferrets, horses, fish, aquariums, parrots and animals"
Yahoo!'s Dogs
Yahoo!'s Index of Dog Links
Canines of America
"World of Dog Training - Helping to Make Man's Best Friend Better!"
Australian Dogs Page
A great Aussie dog site, lots of links to useful info.
Yahoo!'s Cats
Yahoo!'s Index of Cat Links
"The ultimate web site for cats and catlovers"
Welcome to the Cat Fanciers Web Site!
"Brought to you by the Cat Fanciers Mailing List, a group of cat breeders, exhibitors, show judges, veterinarians, and other ailurophiles (cat lovers) throughout the world, representing most cat breeds and clubs worldwide."
Yahoo!'s Birds
Yahoo!'s Index of Bird Links
Pet Bird
"The Internet's most complete source for Pet Bird care and information"
Parrot Society of Australia Inc
"The Parrot Society of Australia Inc is the leading society for keepers and breeders of all types of parrots. We are dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of information on the breeding, care and conservation of all parrot species."
The Queensland Finch Society
"Welcome to the The Queensland Finch Society Inc Home Page, this is the "Wonderful World of Finches"
Fish Information Service
WWW Virtual Library - Fish
"This field covers Aquariums, Biology as it relates to aquatic creatures, Environmentalism, and Sport fishing."
Welcome To AquaLink
"The World's Largest Aquaria Web Resource"
Aquarium Online
"The complete source for tropical and marine fish information on the internet."
"Cyberhorse is an Australian Internet site devoted to horses and where to find horse related material on the Internet ... we specialise in Australian content."
Welcome to HorseNet
"Welcome to the HorseNet World Wide Website."
"site for young horse lovers. Horsey facts and fun. Plenty of puzzles, games, and prizes." (Yahoo review)
New Rider
"...a place to find out about horse riding; how to start, what you need, where to go and, of course, horses.

Sporting Links:

Cowleys Jumpsites - Subject Search - Sporting
Search Cowleys for Sporting links to AFL, Athletics, Auto Racing, Aviation, Basketball, Boating, Bushwalking, Canoe & Kayak, Caving, Cricket, Cycling, Gliding, Golf, Hockey, Horse Racing, Horse Riding, Hunting & Fishing, Olympics, Orienteering, Rock Climbing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Scuba, Sport Admin & Training, Sky Diving, Snow Skiing, Soccer, Surfing, Tennis, Water Skiing, Directories, Miscelllaneus
Yahoo!'s Sports
Yahoo!'s Index of Sporting Links
Australian Sport WWW
From the Australian Sports Commission
Australian Sports Results
"...up-to-date results of all the latest Australian sports leagues and competitions happening now... "
"The Home of Australian Sport" - new site evolving.
CBS SportsLine
"SportsLine USA is a leading Internet-based sports media company that provides branded, interactive information and programming as well as merchandise to sports enthusiasts worldwide.
The Sporting News
American On-Line Sports Publication
Tennis Magazine On-Line
The On-Line version of the magazine with additional "only online" material.
US Open
"Whether you want results, live match images, the latest pictures or wish to buy exclusive merchandise from the U.S. Open on-line catalog, this Web site can't be beat."
"The Home of Cricket on the Internet"
Australian Rugby
"Australian Rugby brings you all the action and excitment of the 1997 season on its official net site..."
Australian Football
"The Herald Sun together with The All New Triple M FM Radio have joined forces with Flying Start Communications and Telstra Multimedia to create The first fully integrated AFL finals' Internet site."
The Unofficial Australian NBL Homepage
"Welcome to the Unofficial NBL Page. We hope this page will be your first stop when it comes to NBL info. We'll keep it choc full with the latest scores and stats, the comings and goings of the NBL's imports and coaches and hopefully some feature articles from you the readers!"
"The Official Site of the National Basketball Association"
Australian Soccer
"Oz Sports Australia and Blue Tongue Multimedia proudly presents the new Australian Soccer page! We will be covering the NSL action."

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