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The Media on the World Wide Web

Many of the worlds media services have adopted the web as a useful tool for various reasons. Some to showcase their conventional media programs, some to increase their audience, some to provide an easy feedback for listeners, viewers, readers and then there are others who have to be on the Internet 'cause their competition is...

Links are arranged where possible under the following general headings:

Newspapers & Magazines:

Newspapers - Local
The Border Morning Mail
Albury-Wodonga's own.
Newspapers - General
Yahoo!'s News and Media - Australia
Complete listing of Australian Newspapers
The Age Newspaper
Melbourne On-Line, Classifieds, Melbourne's Live Entertainment, the Fairfax Group etc.
The Sydney Morning Herald
News, Sports, Classifieds, IT etc
The Australian Financial Review
News, World, Investment, Markets, Features, Information, Banking etc
The Australian On-Line
News, Sports, Computers, Business etc
Business Review Weekly - Interactive
Round up of the major Australian News headlines from the major Australian and overseas sources
Yahoo!'s News and Media - Newspapers - All Countries
Links to listings of Newspapers for countries all around the World
Times Newspapers Ltd
Internet editions of the (London) Times and the Sunday Times
In a League of their own...
"The Dilbert Zone ... it's better than working."
Yahoo!'s Magazines
Yahoo!'s extensive listings of on-line magazines around the world by category
Cowley's Jumpsite
Search Cowleys for Australian Magazines - over 160 of 'em!!
A few of the available magazines include:
Australian PC User
"Welcome to PC User Online...You've hit the Web site of Australia's fastest growing magazine! This site is dedicated to providing your complete guide to the Internet."
Choice Magazine
From the Australian Consumers Association
Online Global Garden
"Welcome to Online Global Garden magazine, serving Australia and areas throughout the world enjoying a similar climate (e.g. California), with well-informed views, news, reviews and clues on the art and science of gardening. We hope to intrigue, inform and inspire you."
Time Magazine
The on-line version.
The Wall Street Journal
Money & Investing Magazine

Radio Stations, Programs and Links:

Yahoo!'s Radio
Yahoo!s extensive listings of radio links around the world
The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet
Radio Stations around the World - including Australia - alphabetical by country
Smileys AAA World Wide Media Page
"Welcome to a most comprehensive collection of links to Media! This is provided as a Community Service by the Sydney Narrowcast Radio Station, The RADIO EDGE (2AM 1620 Khz)."


Yahoo!s TV
Yahoo!s Guide to Television Resources on the Net
Sofcom's Australian Internet Television Guide
Sofcom's TV Links
Links to major program sites, networks, TV guide etc
Sofcom's Television Programming Guide
Melbourne programming guide for Albury and North-East Victoria.
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The Seven Network Limited
Program sites, links, competitions, email, chat and TV Guide
Channel 9 Aelaide
"Still the One" - TV Guide, news and program links
Network Ten
Program guide, news, aussie shows, links, sports and kids
SBS - Australia's National Multicultural Broadcaster On-Line
Yahoo!'s TV Shows
Choose your genre and have a browse through all the TV show home pages, official and unofficial, on the web
Ask Yahoo ...
... If you want to find info and Home Pages for your favorite TV shows, actors etc.

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