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Welcome to the World Wide Web ...

To help you find a few useful, essential, or otherwise downright interesting sites, we're collecting a library of links.

Netscape 1.1N/1.2 users may experience problems using these pages because of some memory and caching bugs in Netscape 1.1N/1.2. You may prefer to use the old WWW links page or download a later browser, for example:

  • Netscape V3 (5.5Mb download) or V4 (Caution - full product 30Mb+ download) Free product.
  • Opera V3 (2Mb download) Commercial with free evaluation - small, fast and highly configurable.
  • Microsofts Internet Explorer V3 (3 to 5Mb download depending on options) Free product.
    NOTE: If you insist on downloading and installing IEV4 do not install with "Active Desktop" option or you will NEVER get rid of it short of reformatting your hard drive. IEV4 may also prevent Netscape from working properly. We can not recommend this product - ALI-Ed.
Remember that Windows 95 specific software may not work with your normal Trumpet dialler and that Windows 3.11 versions will work happilly with both Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 and your Trumpet dialler without any messing about or re-configuring.

Is there life on the net outside of 95?
Well, yes, in fact there is. There are a number of alternative operating systems and this company (Opera) is trying to make sure they can access all there is on the net too. Apart from these listed below, Opera also have work underway for BeOS and a few other OS's I've never even heard of!! They're innovative. Check them out.

This site is supporting

[Opera Software's Project Magic! for OS2] [Opera Software's Project Magic! for Mac] [Opera Software's Project Magic! for Linux]
And You?

Subscribers considering upgrading to any of the current browsers (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera etc) are advised to familiarise themselves with the security problems and issues that persist despite the best efforts of the manufacturers, and remember to disable Java, JavaScript and ActiveX unless absolutely necessary to retrieve material from a trusted site.

The links on the following pages are direct to the originating sites, and where possible to their Australian mirror sites, and thus are subject to the whims and vagaries of their respective authors, sites and the status of the 'net.

Simply click on the subject tab of your choice from the options at the top left of this page.

Surfers cruising with text only browsers or pictures turned off may prefer to select from the options below (PS Don't forget to click on the GO!).

Return to the top of the page or select from the options here: (PS Don't forget to click on the GO!).

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