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To help you find a few useful,
essential, or otherwise downright
interesting sites, we're collecting
a library of links.

These links are direct to the
originating sites, and where
possible to their Australian
mirror sites, and thus are subject
to the whims and vagaries of
their respective authors, sites
and the status of the 'net.


This is by no means a comprehensive list, the Web is BIG.
This is only a starting point ...

Remember, if the Search Engines can't find EXACTLY what
you want, a related site may have links that will take you
where you want to go. Explore ...

Some Search Utilities...

(the Internet's equivalent of an active index)
Webcrawler Search Utility
"Spidey" is usually fast, and will give you a lot of URLs to try.
Not very descriptive first time through.
The Lycos WWW Search Engine
Lycos list less URLs by default, but includes an abstract from
each listing. Quite helpful if the title is obscure.
Alta Vista
Alta Vista's Australian Mirror Site
Similar to Lycos. Very Good. Will search Newsgroups (Usenet)
Yahoo Search Utility
Very useful.
Excite Netsearch
"The intelligent way to navigate the net "
Matilda Australian Search Engine
A true blue Australian Search Engine.
Australian FTP Mirrors search
If you would like or need to find an Australian mirror site, try this
search utility.
Search The Web
From Cornell University Medical College - Links to a number
of Search Engines & References including Savvy Search,
the World Wide Yellow Pages and Webster's Dictionary.
Netscape's Net Search & Links to other Search Engines


Telstra White Pages
The Yellow Pages
Australia Post Home page
- includes Post Code info.
New Zealand
Telecom New Zealand Home Page
NZ Telephone Directory Search
European Phone Directories
Four11 Directory Services - The Internet White Pages
- over 5 million listings (mostly U.S.A.)

The Media ...

Newspapers & Magazines

The Age Newspaper - Melbourne, Australia
Careful - won't work at all on some browsers, runs Java applets.
The Sydney Morning Herald
Computers, Metro - Sydney's Hottest Gig Guide
The Australian Financial Review
'As 1996 unfolds AFRnet will continue to grow, helping
our users make quick and accurate business decisions.
Times Newspapers Ltd
Internet editions of the (London) Times and the Sunday Times
Time Magazine
The on-line version.
Links to most major Computer Magazines on-line.
The Wall Street Journal
Money & Investing Magazine
Yahoo's Extensive List
... of available On-Line publications


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Television Guide
Melbourne programming guide for Albury and North-East Victoria.
Australian Television Networks
Links and addresses for Guides, Studios and Networks.
Ask Yahoo ...
... If you want to find info and Home Pages for your
favorite TV shows, actors etc.


Tourist Radio Australia
A list of links to radio & media in Australia & all over the world.
Australian Radio
Yahoo's list of Australian Radio Stations on the Web.
You can also search Yahoo for Radio Stations from other countries.
Cool Radio Stations
A massive list of American Radio Stations and Radio Web Sites.

Business and Financial

American Stock Exchange
"... the first U.S. stock market on the World Wide Web"
Australian Stock Exchange
Information about Australian equities and derivatives markets.
Australian Banks on the Web include:
Advance Bank
ANZ Bank
Bank of Melbourne
Bankwest, Perth WA
Commonwealth Bank
Macquarie Bank
National Australia Bank
St.George Bank
Westpac Banking Corporation
Butterworths Legal Information
Butterworths is Australia's leading legal, tax and commercial
Corporate Internet Professional Resources
A useful collection of Australian Professional Listings
Dow Jones Directory of Related Web Sites
"Where the Web gets down to business."
KPMG Australia
"KPMG is one of Australia's largest accounting and business
advisory firms ..."
The Webs leading source of daily business news.
Paritech Systems
"Servicing the needs of the Australian Sharemarket Investor"
Small Business Links Australia
From Small Business Victoria
Sydney Futures Exchange
S.F.E. end of day settlement prices from the Chicago Board
of Trade!

Australian Government

Commonwealth Government Entry Point
Main entry point to all Government Internet sites,
Government News, Departments, Information,
Working Parties etc.
The Australian Trade Commission
Australian Bureau of Statistics
ABS World Wide Web information service
The Australian Institute of Sport
From the Australian Sports Commission
Australian Taxation Office
ATO, tax information and related links.
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
The National Library of Australia
"Welcome to the NLA World-Wide Web site."
Political Party and Election-related material.
The Australian Electoral Commission
Home Page for their information and activities.

Topical ...

This section changes frequently. To be sure you have the most recent
version if you've been here before, Reload this page.

New to the Internet?

Newbie Survey
A survey conducted by Lynne Roberts, a Ph.D. student at Curtin University
in Perth, specifically designed for new internet users with
less than one month online.

Yacht Racing:

BT Global Challenge
- The World's Toughest Yacht Race.


- The Home of Cricket on the Internet

Space Related Links:

The Anglo-Australian Observatory
Links to Astronomical and Astrophysical Sites
Compiled and maintained by the AAO people.
NASA Today
Has lots of handy links to space related sites, Hubble etc.
NASA Shuttle Web
This site contains information on the crew and their
mission and will be regularly updated with status reports,
photos and video clips thoughout the flight.
Office of Space Flight
NASA's alternative site for shuttle information.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASAs Home Page (can take a while to load)
Project Galileo
Bringing Jupiter to Earth - Galileo Home Page

General Computer Links:

The Ultimate Industry Connection
A massive list of computer hardware & software
manufactures, information and support resources.
It's big! If they're on the Web, there linked in here.
Trident Drivers and Technology
Updated video drivers for Dos, Windows (95,3.11,NT) and OS2.

Some Macintosh Links...

Apple Computer Home Page
"Welcome to Apple" Official Apple Web Site
Apple Support & Information and their US mirror site.
Can be difficult to reach during (Australian) business hours.
Apple System Software FTP Server and mirror site.
Can be almost impossible to access during business hours!
Major Australian Mac FTP sites:
University of New South Wales
Sumex Info-Mac Archive Mirror
University of Michigan Mac Archive Mirror
University of Western Sydney
Adelaide Uni Archive Mirror
Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh
Based around the Book. Good collection of links.
The Well Connected Mac
"Your on-line guide to everything Macintosh ..."
Mac Newsgroup - FAQ
Macintosh Frequently Asked Questions
Macintosh Newsgroups
Hardware, software, programming, games, etc

OS/2 ...

OS/2 Warp Home Page
From IBM.
IBM Information
Australian Mirror.
OS/2 Warp Migration Assistant
From the IBM Personal Systems Competency Center.
OS/2 Compatible Systems
Compatibility test information provided by IBM
OS/2 "Must-Have" Utilities And FTP Links
The OS/2 SuperSite
New Web Site for OS2 Shareware and Freeware.
OS/2 Software Solutions Product Directory
Database sponsored by IBM, OS/2 and Lotus.
SBT Information Systems
"... to increase awareness of OS/2 Warp and OS/2 applications."
OS/2 Newsgroups
Applications, games, hardware, marketplace etc.

Windows ...

Windows 3.x
Refer to individual vendors for extensive Windows 3.x support.
Microsoft Home Page
Windows 95 and NT support only these days.
"The best Windows 95 Information, Tools, and Shareware
on the 'Net!" (Can be hard to get to)
Windows 95 Assistance:
The Windows95 TCP/IP Setup HOW - TO/FAQ
Frank Condron's Windows 95 Page
Win95 FAQ - Bugs and Missing Features
CD Rom Extras For those whose Win95 was on floppy.
Windows FTP sites
List of other FTP sites from Cica Indiana
Windows 95 Annoyances
Windows Newsgroups
Windows, 95 and NT.
Windows 95 Specific Newsgroups
(In case you need them in a hurry)

Internet Specific ...

Stop Telstra Timed Local Calls


Free Speech On-Line

The Blue Ribbon Campaign
What the "paint the Web black" and "Free Speech On-Line"
campaign is all about.
The STOP Campaign
"On 9th June 1996, Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc.
(EFA) initiated an Australia-wide campaign aimed
at preventing the introduction of poorly conceived laws
regulating the Internet in Australia.
Security risks with Java, JavaScript and Active-X
All those using Browsers supporting Java, JavaScript or Active-X
(eg Netscape 2.0, and up, IE version 3 and up), PLEASE READ THIS!
Four11 Directory Services
The Internet White Pages - over 5 million listings (mostly U.S.A.)
Web Browsers:
Netscape for Mac; Windows 3.1, 95, NT; and Unix.
Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac, Windows 3.1, 95, NT.
NCSA Mosaic for Mac; Windows 3.1, 95, NT; X Windows;
including NCSA Mosaic Access Page - informationon
on Web access for persons with disabilities.
Browsers for OS/2 - IBM WebExplorer and Netscape
World Wide Web Clients list from W3C
World Wide Web Browsers list from Yahoo
Real Audio for Windows and Mac
CU-SeeMe is available from Cornell and White Pines.

For the Kids...

The Ultimate Children's Internet Sites!
Links sorted by school ages for fun and education.
Kid's Wave!
SafeSurf approved sites by category.
Welcome to Kids.Com,
where kids can find good information on the Internet.
Kids Did This!
Kids pages by kids, for kids.
Hi! My name is Heather.
I am 9 years old. These are some of my ...
Disney on the Web

Education links:

Australian Educational Resources
Free Internet Encyclopedia
Experimental Project
"best professional K-12 Educational web site"
The StarChild Project:
Connecting NASA and the K12 Classroom
List of K12 schools on the Net
K-12 Education Resources (USA)
Good education links general resource
Charles Sturt University

For Parents...

The Parenting Web Site
Parenting Resources from the Department of Family and
Children's Services, Western Australia.
Parenting Resource Centre
Very American but well worth a visit.
Articles and links to a wide variety of parenting resources
available on the Web.
First Aid Online
Basic First Aid and links to Online Medical Resources.
SafeSurf Home Page
"Goal: a Safe Cyber-Playground Without Censorship"
SafeSurf Monthly Newsletters
Focusing on issues of how to protect our Web Surfing children
without destroying or crippling the 'net in the process.
Software designed to monitor and restrict children's access
to unsuitable material is available from:
Microsystems Software's CyberPatrol for Windows and Mac.
Net Nanny for DOS/Windows
InterGO from TeacherSoft for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1
Mac support coming.
CYBERsitter a Windows program from Solid Oak Software
SurfWatch from SurfWatch Software, Inc. for Windows and Mac.


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