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... Dateline ...
JAN/FEB, 1999
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In this Issue:

This issue is a mixed bag of goodies, from plans, personal tales, christmas stories and reader contributions.

In response to reader requests, there is an unformatted text only version of MOST of this newsletter (no pictures or hypertext links and all in one LONG document) and you can get it from here. Note: this page you are reading now, the on-line Counter tutorial in the HTML Authors corner, and the automatically generated Helpdesk page are NOT included in this text file.

To read from the entire fully formatted version select from the topic links in the contents list above.

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This Newsletter ...

Due to the difficulty experienced in extracting articles from busy "contributors", in future ALI's newsletters will be published as and when material and time allow. This may be more often than bi-monthly, but more likely less often. This newletter is a purely voluntary publication. It has no advertising or sponsor funding and is provided purely as a "community service" for our subscribers.

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ALI Notices:

Accounts systems reminder

  • For those who want to consolidate more than one account onto the same bill, we can now provide you with a quick and efficient single invoice including all access and incidental charges for all accounts and subtotals for each user.
  • We have implemented a number of new Access Plans. Check them out in our Services and Rates. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot and will not change your Access Plan automatically. You are legally required to authorise and complete any changes yourself.
    Please e-mail for more information, or call in and talk to us.
  • A final reminder. We do not post monthly accounts. All account information is sent directly to your e-mail account. If this is inconvenient, we have alternatives - you can have your account faxed to a local number, or you can have it e-mail to another more convenient address.
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Phone Number changes
It's final - Telstra have completed the regional phone number changeover. ALL REGIONAL NUMBERS NEED the 60 or 57 prefix or they WILL NOT WORK. You should have changed your ALI dial in number by now to include the correct prefix for your area (otherwise your ALI dialler won't work - instructions are here).

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If you have a 56K modem, you WON'T get anything faster than 33K6 unless you are calling our digital modem pool. If you can call Albury for a LOCAL CALL then you should change to the digital number, but you may also need to update your Trumpet dial script. You can download a replacement Trumpet script from Download this script into a temporary folder or directory, re-name or back-up your old working script in your Trumpet directory for safe-keeping, then copy the new script into your Trumpet directory.

If you are still using SLIP (all new accounts for at least the last two years have been PPP accounts), we would appreciate you changing to PPP. For information on changing, please e-mail

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Did you remember that referrals are worth $10 to you?

Each friend, associate, business partner, family member etc that joins up with us, and indicates they were referred by you will earn YOU a $10.00 credit on your account! (they NEED your e-mail address to identify you, or the credit may go to the wrong person! e-mail addresses are unique - names are NOT)

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We now have found a replacement modem for the Motorola modems we used to sell. We have stocks of the Netcomm V.90 Roadster II modem for $239.00. The modems come with cables and software for IBM compatible computers. Macintosh users will need a different cable and software which we can also provide.

Netcomm modems
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Eudora Pro at ALI
We have stock on the shelf (literally) of the Eudora Pro V4 email package (Windows 95/NT; CD only; requires 32 bit dialler) - with integrated spell checker, advanced filtering, multiple e-mail accounts, multiple address books, html mail support, voice mail and more.

Eudora Pro V4
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ALI's Internet newsletter:

To get to this issue's articles, take the links from the contents list at the top of this page.

Here we include links to important stories that break during the month after the newsletter is published, to try to keep you up to date with what's happening in the Internet world. If a story is likely to directly affect you, our subscribers, we'll include an article in our next newsletter on the possible or likely consequences.

If you find a story you think should be included tell us here!

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