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... You Wrote ...
JAN/FEB, 1999
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Christmas was fairly quiet in the Subscribers mail-box, but we do have a number of requests from outside visitors including some ex-pat Albury-Wodonga residents. We reproduce these emails for you here.

Please note: in the interests of privacy and spam protection, no contributors e-mail addresses are included here. If you wish to contact any of these people, please contact the Editor for details.

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Ex-resident looking for e-mail contacts

To Whom it May Concern:

I am a native Australian living in the United States, currently seeking information on the availability of websites local to Albury.
I lived in Albury 10 years so I know many people in the area. Would like to correspond via e-mail with someone in that area. E-mail address is
(available from the Editor)

Dallas Hillier

Ironton, Ohio, USA

Anyone for networked computer games??


My names is James Lawson. I'm am involved with a group of people who met originally via a BBS and we have ll become quite good friends doing many social things and participating in networked computer games. We are looking for a team from albury to play, just fellow gamers like ourself but are having trouble finding anyone. If you would be able to post a message to a newsgroup or something if you could and try and put us in contact with some opponents we would be very much appreciative. Thank You


(email the Editor for contact details)

Looking for an old friend ...

Hi there,

I wonder if you can help me. I'm trying to trace a friend who used to live in Wondonga and I haven't heard from her in over a year. Her name is Bambi Grainger though she was getting married to a Brian Cunningham last jan 98. Any ideas as to how I might trace her. Please Email on (available from the Editor)

Many thanks Sue Bailey London England

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We've had a positive response to our Readers Survey from September issue. Subscribers who have not yet filled in the survey are invited to do so at any time by clicking here to visit the September Issue Survey.

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