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While we wouldn't say "no" if somebody wanted to throw money at us ;-) what we would REALLY like you to contribute are your stories, reviews, feedback, questions and even answers about things you've seen or done or would like to be able to do on the Internet.
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To contribute an article or story:

If your story is short, you can type it in here in the box provided. If you have any pictures to illustrate your story you should email them to the as attachments (remember to send .jgp or .gif files only, and to use Mime encoding).

If your article is a long one, you can email the entire article. If you are sending the article as an attachment PLEASE ensure you save it as a plain text document. Pre-formatted word processor documents or html documents will not be accepted due to the added processing overhead required.

Submission of an article does not guarantee publishing. Articles will be reviewed for accuracy and literacy and the author consulted on any changes or clarifications required. The author will retain copyright of the original material and be credited as the author of the document on the published work. By submitting an article for inclusion in the ALI Newsletter the author grants ALI the right to publish said article in the ALI newsletter at a time of ALI's choosing.

The author of an article is responsible for authenticating the originality of their article, and that no copyright of any other party is breached by the authors article.

No article will be published without the final approval of the author. Authors will be notified by email when and where their article is ready for proofing. If the author fails to reply by email to the notification within one week their article will be held over or discarded at ALI's descretion.

To submit your short story type it in here:

Your email address:

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Subscriber's Questions Answered

If you have a question you would like answered type it in below. NOTE: this form is also deliberately anonymous, so if you want your name published you'd better let us know who you are and include your name and email address with your question. This is purely optional and we will be emailing you to confirm it really was you, and you really want it published!

Enter your question or problem below:

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