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Phone Number Changes

As most of you should already know, Australia is changing phone numbers.

"The reason for this is simple, Australia is running out of spare telephone numbers for new customers and services..." (from the Telstra 1997 Albury White Pages, p35).

Albury has had an extra 60 added in front of each telephone number from August, 1997. STD numbers become 02 60 (old phone number). International numbers become +61 2 60 (old phone number; note the "0" in front of the "2" gets dropped).

The change over will occur over a 6 month period. So the sooner you change your dialler numbers the better.

We recommend actually using the fully qualified phone number for your local Pop number, (Click here to check your best local call number) including the "STD" code.

For instructions on how to change the phone number in your dialler, select your dialler from the list below or scroll down until you reach it:


Windows 95 Dial-Up Adapter



(Anyone adventourous enough to be running Unix, OS2 or NT with their respective diallers should be familiar enough with their software to make the necessary changes themselves. If you are unsure however, contact us.)


  1. Run Trumpet Winsock
    (Note: if Trumpet is set to dial on startup, over-ride by pressing the ESC key.)
  2. Go to Dialler on the pull down menu and selest the last entry - 'setup.cmd'
  3. This will bring up a new window, which asks for the phone number to dial. Note: this is NOT your phone number, this is for the phone number of your ISP, the number your modem needs to dial to connect to the internet. Simply enter the adjusted phone number for your best local call number in here.
  4. Click on "OK" to accept the changed phone number, and when it asks for your username and password, simply click on "OK" again, as you are not altering these, and therefore do not need to re-type them. Trumpet Winsock should now be ready to dial with the new phone number next time you dial in.

Windows 95 Dial-Up Adapter

  1. Go into 'My Computer'.
  2. Click on the 'Dial Up Networking' icon
  3. There should be an icon setup for 'Albury Local Internet'.
    • Click once on the icon so that the icon becomes highlighted.
    • Then place your mouse cursor over the top of it, and then click your right mouse button, which should present a menu
  4. Click on properties.
  5. Change the phone number in the Telephone number box (shown below) to include the new dialing prefix.
  6. Then press the OK button which should save the changes. It should now be configured to dial with the new phone number next time you dial in.


  1. Goto the Apple drop-down menu, select Control Panels then Config PPP

  2. Within Config PPP click on 'config'

  3. Change the phone number only in the "Phone num" box to include the new dialing prefix. Leave everything else as is in your working set-up.

  4. Then click on the 'done' button, and then close Config PPP. It should now be configured to dial with the new phone number next time you dial in.


  1. Goto the Application menu buttons (top right hand corner of the menu bar) and select the FreePPP application.
  2. Select 'Open FreePPP Setup'
  1. Once in the FreePPP setup screen click on the 'Accounts' tab.

  2. Select (click to highlight) the Albury Local lnternet entry, and then click on the 'Edit' button.

  3. Change the phone numbe to include the new dialing prefix.
  4. Then click on OK, and close FreePPP. It should now be configured to dial with the new phone number next time you dial in.

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