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... ALI New Year's resolutions ;-)
JAN/FEB, 1999
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Well ... it's a brand new year and it looks like it could be a big one in more ways than one.

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Expansion Plans

ALI has implemented plans to increase facilities available to the Mt Beauty region in time for this Ski Season with more bandwidth, more modem in-dial lines and faster connects. Additional equipment has arrived and is being checked and tested ready for installation. Keep tuned for more announcements on this one.

We are also looking at installing facilities in Wagga. If you, your friends, family, or business would benefit from this, please let us know to strengthen the business case for this project.

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Public Access Terminals

Our Walk-In Centre in Griffith Road is about to launch a publicity campaign with the general media and accommodation circles (Hotel/Motel/Camping/Caravan/Backpacker/Hostel) to increase the general awareness of the public access facilities available at the Centre. We have had word that the town Library (free) Internet facilities are booked out weeks in advance, and are in need of alternatives to offer to their customers. If you own or operate accommodation or tourist facilities and would like some leaflets or POS material please contact us.

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Service and Tech Support

With the Year 2000 looming at the end of this year's New Years party, less than 11 months away, general computer problems are expected to start cropping up any time (for those of you who haven't been reading the Y2K articles, 1999 can also be a problematical date for some programs). We are expecting a busy time in the support and upgrade area toward the last few months of this year and well into next.

On the subject of busy times, ALI has an employment opportunity open for the right person (or people).

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Buyer Beware ...

A word of caution - it is expected that a rash of "cheap" machines may flood the market over the next 11 months or so. Be VERY careful. Unless you can afford the throw the money away, resist the temptation to purchase any of these machines unless you are absolutely certain that the seller is still going to be around next year to handle complaints should the machines not survive the arrival of the Year 2000. As the full extent of the impact of the changeover is still an unknown quantity, a little "Y2K" sticker on the front of the machine is no iron-clad guarantee.

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