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... The MS-Files ...
JAN/FEB, 1999
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If you prefer to think of Microsoft as an innovative pioneer and all round good-guy of the information technology era, then do not venture any further. In fact, press this button to go back to the newsletter index right now:

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The MS Files

This section is for the information of those who want to know what goes on behind the media facade. It contains material and links to material that may be considered to be in conflict with Microsofts preferred public image. This section is intended to let the public know what the Computer (Information Technology or IT) industry itself has known for many many years. ALI will not be held responsible for the opinions expressed in any of the following links, articles or websites. Clicking on any of the MS-Files links on this page signifies your acceptance of the preceeding statement.

Show me the MS-Files

*When Microsoft was required by the courts to provide information in a recent case, they marked all submitted documents (and there were truck-loads of them), including public press advertisements and media releases, as CONFIDENTIAL, making it very difficult for the courts to determine what really was an important company documents and what was not ...

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