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... The Help Desk
JAN/FEB, 1999
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ALI support hours and opening times:

Public Access Walk-In Centre:
(326 Griffith Rd, Lavington, NSW)
Normal Hours:
9:00am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday
9:30am - 1:00pm Saturday
The centre does not open Sundays or Public Holidays.
The Help Desk:
(telephone access - subscribers only)
Normal Hours:
9:00am to 9:00pm 7 days/week
These hours may vary during some public holiday periods eg Christmas/Easter.
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Have you checked the following ...

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Home Page/Start Page

Our home page is where we'll let you know about important changes, so PLEASE - make sure you have your browser set to our home page when you start

If you update your browser, please make sure you re-set the home page and proxy server details.

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Proxy Update

Details for configuring the proxies for Netscape, Internet Explorer and Opera are now available on our Web site at Albury Local Internet's Proxy Server and Setup. The Auto-detect may not detect your browser accurately if it is pretending to be something else so please select manually from the table if possible.

If you have problems, please call our helpdesk.

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95/98 DUN (Dial Up Networking) ...

The instructions on setting up the 95/98 Dialler (including changes in 98) is at This link will take you to the short text only version (the old original 95 one), and contains a link to the longer (much longer) version which includes pictures and the 98 additions (it WILL take a while to download).

A script for dialling ALI you can get from here.

Keeping your Trumpet dialler and some small 16 bit programs is always a good insurance policy. They are so much easier to set up and they just keep working!

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60 Phone number changes...

Just a reminder on how to change your dialler phone numbers - instructions for changing Trumpet, 95 dialler, MacPPP and FreePPP are at:

The old 060 prefix on 6 digit numbers officially ceased on July 7th 1998. All numbers now NEED the 60 (or 57) prefix in front, and we suggest you include the 02 (or 03 depending on your local POP) as well.

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Local White Pages...

Where you can update your address, phone number, access plan, credit card expiry date etc, and indicate if you want your name and e-mail address to be included in a searchable public index. YOU WILL NOT BE INCLUDED UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY CHOOSE TO BE.

If you wish to change your charging plan from the old flat rate to volume, you MUST authorise, complete and submit the request from the Whitepages site. If you have difficulties with the page, please come into our Walk-In Centre with your username and password and our staff will assist you. Due to our security policy on our accounting system we cannot change this for you, you must authorise and make the change yourself.

See details at:

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Help Desk hours - 9am to 9pm:

Our helpdesk is only available to current subscribers. We have introduced a new support system to track support enquires and improve our support to our subscribers. If you call our helpdesk, please:

  1. Make sure you have your userid (or e-mail address) ready. You will be asked for it.
  2. Our support desk will take notes, and will have any previous support call notes on screen so whoever takes the call will be able to see any previous history of your problem(s).
  3. If you are calling on behalf of someone else, get them to call first and confirm you have their permission to be seeking help for their account.
  4. If you have lost your password, you WILL be required to provide adequate identification to convince our system administrator you are the account owner. Don't expect us to give your password over the phone unless we are absolutely sure we know who you are.
  5. Don't get mad, we'll try to help you, but we need your assistance. If we're trying to help resolve a problem, we need as much ACCURATE information as possible. Write down any messages you get relating to the problem, and have the e-mail address or URL that's causing problems ready to give our support person. You may be asked to spell or repeat things. Remember, you must be our eyes, we can't see your screen over the phone - so read CAREFULLY and ACCURATELY what is on your screen.
  6. Problems relating to software that is not our standard issue (ie non-standard issue software installed by yourself, a friend or some other third party) is the responsibility of the installer to maintain and support. We will try to help you if we can, but you are advised to contact the original installer or software manufacturer first for support. The original installer should be fully conversant with what software they have installed, where they have installed it and how they have configured it. We are not in possession of that information.
  7. Installation problems with your first install and network or connectivity problems are generally done for free. Anything else may be free at our absolute discretion. Familiarity with basic operating system procedures and tasks is the responsibility of the subscriber. We are not a general Windows 95, NT etc support line - we are an Internet Help Desk.
  8. Please only call between the Help Desk hours of 9am to 9pm.

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