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Above is another only one of its kind in the world. This is an antique horse drawn fire engine. It was built in 1890 by Shand Mason for the British Army. Above right you can see the rear view of the Steam Driven Engine which pumped the water onto the fire. Above left you can see the black metal fire place where the coal fire was lit, which then heated the water in the brass kettle above the fire. This produced steam, which under pressure, powered the water pump. 


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Above left is one of the best restored antique cars in Australia. It is a 1909 Wolseley Siddley. Above right is a 1928 Chev pick up truck.



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Above left are two magnificent antique motorbikes, a 1925 BSA and a 1918 Douglas. Above right is the workings of the 1856 Gillet Bland and Co Turret Clock. This mechanism which is worked by weights and a pendulum, operates the huge clock which is above the entrance to the museum. It is fascinating to see just how simple the mechanism is, and even more fascinating to see how the clock keeps time whilst it is being " rewound".

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The museum has a large range of antique and special cars, including the range of Packards seen above. There is a 1925 Packard, 1926 Packard, 1929 Packard, 1928 Chev, 1928 Rugby, 1934 Chev, 1948 Holden, 1965 Bentley, and a model MG TD, plus others.

There is also a working wooden pipe organ, which has a range of tunes to please all ages.

There are of course hundreds of items of memorabilia.

The museum is open 7 days a week, and is ideal for school or bus tours.

The Museum is located between the Shopping Centre and the Caravan Park at 49 Darwin Street.

Please phone for more information on 0359 633 777



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