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Cambarville, or the Cumberland Memorial Scenic Reserve, includes the tourist attractions of the Big Culvert, Cambarville HistoricTownship, The Big Tree, The Sitka Spruce, Cora Lynn Falls, Cumberland Falls, the Historic Water Race, Armstrongs Lookout and the Cambarville Picnic Area.

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Above is a mud map of the Walk, which is a circular walk of approximately 4 Km. As you can see from the above, the walk covers all the attractions except the Big Culvert, which is about 1 Km from the picnic Area, and Armstrongs Lookout, about 100 metres along the Woods Point Road.

Parks Victoria Tourist Maps are available at Marysville Tourist Info Centre.

It is recommended that for those wishing to see all the attractions, that you make a day out of it, and bring a picnic lunch, parking your car at the Cambarville Picnic Area, about 400 metres off the Woods Point Road.

By following the walking track from the picnic area, you head towards the Big Tree. The walking track is approximately 4Km.

The Big Tree

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After walking along the track from the Picnic Area you come to this Gigantic Tree. This Mountain Ash is the Tallest Living Tree in Victoria, and probably in the whole Southern Hemisphere. It once stood at 92m, ( 301 feet ), but was reduced to 84m, ( 275 feet ), by a wind storm in 1959. The Big Tree's girth is 5.2m, ( 17 feet ), three metres above ground level. These are one of the tallest trees in the world, second only to the California Redwood.

The Sitka Spruce Tree

Keeping walking along the track, you cross over a quaint little bridge over a creek, and then cross through a field of bracken or furns, about shoulder high. Half way through you pass the Sitka Spruce, which was planted over 60 years ago by Jack Lewis, a Forest Ranger. It marks the site of a shack which was home to a timber splitter named George Loch about 100 years ago.


The track now comes to the Woods point Road, where there are Toilets and an off road car park.

Cross the road and follow the track.  You come to a T intersection about 150 metres along. Turn right to go the the Cora Lynn Falls.


Cambarville Picnic Area Cora Lynn Falls HistoricWater Race
The Big Tree Cumberland Falls Armstrong Lookout
Sitka Spruce Tree Sovereign View The Big Culvert





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