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Cambarville 4

Cambarville 3

Sovereign View

Continuing on the track from the Cumberland Falls, cross the bridge over Cumberland Creek, climb up some stairs and follow the path. As the path turns left to follow the Armstrong Valley, you may obtain a fantastic view of the valley on your right hand side.

Maycam9.JPG (25148 bytes)

The photo above shows you the path after it has turned left to follow the Armstrong Valley. (1 ). To the right, ( 2 ), you may see the Valley stretching away in the distance.

Maycam10.JPG (22536 bytes)

Above is one of the views from the walking path, Sovereign View.


Historic Water Race

At Sovereign View, there is also an historical water race,which was constructed by gold miners around 1870 to provide water to the Sovereign Mine on the Reefton Spur.

In the top photograph above to the left of the path, (3 ), runs the water race. A water race is a man made "creek" or channel which transfers water from a higher place to a lower place. You can see that the channel was cut out through rock in this section, and is about 1 metre below the pathway.

Maycam11.JPG (32606 bytes)

The photo above was taken from inside the Water Race, which is of course clogged up with vegetation now. Note the channel was cut through rock, ( 1 ), probably using the explosives normally saved for gold mining. The floor of the Water Race, (2 ), is a good 1 metre below the walking path, (3 ). The water would have been taken from the Cumberland Creek just above the bridge, and channelled all the way to the Sovereign Gold Mine.

Walk along the path for about 250 metres and it will bring you out on the Woods Point Road.

Instead of crossing the road to the Cambarville Picnic Area, turn right and walk about 100 metres to Armstrong Lookout.


Armstrong Lookout

Maycam12.JPG (27096 bytes)

The Lookout follows the Armstrong Valley towards Warburton.

Walk back to the Cambarville Picnic Area, approximately 500 metres.



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