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Lady Talbot Forest Drive


Take a short scenic drive beside the Taggerty River to discover raging waterfalls that cascade over enormous granite boulders, bubbling creeks, beautiful tree fern gullies under tall eucalypts, and finally enter a magical ancient rainforest that looks much as it has for many millions of years. The Drive was named after the wife of Sir Reginald Talbot, Governor of Victoria from 1903-19O8.


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Above you can see the Drive next to the Taggerty River.

The Lady Talbot Forest Drive, in good conditions, can be a round trip of 46 Km, which takes about 1 hour to leisurely drive without stopping. The road past the Beeches can get wet and muddy in Winter, so it is advisable to use 4 wheel drives on the Mt Margaret Road when wet.

Otherwise you may make it any distance you want, re the table below. I would recommend that you drive to the Beeches, about 14.5Km, have a picnic in the forest at the shady tables there, ( Toilet Facilities are here too ), and view the attractions as you return to Marysville.

The drive passes through a variety of forest types typical of the central highlands and affords scenic views of mountains, cascades and fern gullies. Keep an eye out for log trucks.

The road to the Beeches is a gravel road which is shown above in the photo.


How to Get There

From Marysville travel 500 metres along the Woods Point Road and turn left into Lady Talbot Drive.

Tourist Attraction Travel Km Total Km
Wishing Well   ( 150 Metres ) .5 .5
Taggerty River Picnic Area 2.0 2.5
Day Visitor Area .5 3.0
Murray Pass Day Visitor Area 1.6 4.6
Athols Abbey Camping Area 1.8 6.4
Day Visitor Area 1.3 7.7
Phantom Falls Walk    ( 400 Metres one way ) .8 8.5
Keppels Falls Walk     ( 1 Km one way ) .5 9.0
Keppels Falls Lookout .8 9.8
Taggerty River Crossing  ( Walks ) 2.6 12.4
The Beeches                    ( Walks ) ( Toilets ) 2.0 14.4


Points of Interest

The Wishing Well

The wishing well is a natural spring which is right near the commencement of the drive, and has been a popular attraction for years. Below you can see the picturesque pathway leading down to the Well, showing one of the seats at the Well, and on the right is the Wishing Well itself. This is only about 150 metres from the car park.

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Maytal1.JPG (27757 bytes)

The Taggerty River Picnic Area

Located on the banks of the Taggerty River, this area has barbeque and picnic facilities.



Lady Talbot Drive

Phantom Falls

The Beeches

Wishing Well

Keppels Falls

Taggerty River Crossing

Taggerty River Picnic

Keppels Falls Lookout

Meeting of the Waters



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