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Phantom Falls

A short steep walk from the car park takes you up from the Taggerty River into a moist fern gully where the Phantom Falls Creek weaves its way through exposed rocks and thick tree fern trunks. From the viewing platform, the falls are particularly spectacular in spring when the snow melting from Mount Margaret creates a fierce flow.

The walk is a steep grade and is about 800 metres return, which will take approximately 1 hour at leisurely pace.


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Heading from the car park into the beautiful rain forest pictured above, you walk along a path, and over the sturdy bridge above, and head uphill.


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Just before the falls are these picturesque steps, which are a feature of nearly all the walking tracks around Marysville. These steps make the uphill sections so much easier. You can see in the photo above the left hand section of each step has debris over it, mainly caused by the scratchings of the Lyrebirds. You can see their tell tale footprints everywhere along most of the walking paths. The Lyrebirds are very timid, but may be seen quite often in the distance, more so during or just after rain. To the top of the path on the right you can see the white of the waterfall above.


Maydve7.JPG (26678 bytes)

At the top of the stairs above is a viewing platform giving you this excellent view of the Phantom Falls.


Keppel Falls Walk

About 500 metres past the Phantom Falls Walk is the Kepple Falls Walk.

From the car park follow the walking track to the two viewing decks that reach out over the rushing waters of the Taggerty River. The falls were found and named by the Keppel Brothers who settled in the area in the early 1880’s. Keep your eyes out for Lyrebirds which are common in this area, and are often seen after rain.

The walk is of easy to medium standard, and is a 2 kilometre walk return, which may take about 1 hour at leisurely pace.


Maydve2.JPG (14580 bytes)

Keppel Falls above from the top viewing deck,

and right, from the lower viewing deck.

Maydve3.JPG (30359 bytes)



Keppel Falls Lookout

A short drive up from Keppel Falls Walk, the lookout affords a spectacular view of the Taggerty River valley with the falls as the centre piece.

Maydve8.JPG (18079 bytes)

As in the photo above you can see the Keppel Falls from the road.


From the Keppels Falls Lookout you may return to Marysville, approximately 11 Kilometres, or you may drive on to the Beeches, about 2.5 Kilometres along. There are picnic tables and toilet facilities at the Beeches. See next page.



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