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Cambarville 4

Cambarville Picnic Area


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Above is a photo of the Cambarville Picnic Area, which has plenty of car parking spaces, half a dozen picnic tables with seats, barbeque and fire facilities, and a new toilet block. This is the official commencement and finish of the 4 Km circular forest walk.


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About 50 metres up the road past the Amenities Block, is the Historic Remains of the Township and of Cambarville.  The Sawmill was relocated after being burnt down in 1970. Some of the stumps of felled trees, houses, tree plantings and other relicks of the sawmilling days have survived.

Deep cuts can be clearly seen in the old stumps where tree fallers fitted boards to stand on so they could cut above the wide buttresses of the Giant Mountain Ash Trees.

In the above photo you can see one of the sawmill's machines, firmly set in concrete.


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In the photo above you can see one of the remaining houses from the original Camberville township. There are three or four original houses still remaining on the loop above the Picnic Area.


The Big Culvert

Driving out of the Camberville Picnic Area head back towards Marysville, and approximately 1 Km along are the signs to The Big Culvert, which of course is a drain or water passage under the road.

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Above is a photo of the Big Culvert, which as you can see is a masterpiece of stone masonry built around 1880. This beautiful moss covered granite arch was constructed by a German settlor, George Koehler, who operated a hotel nearby.

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The Big Culvert is obviously under the Woods Point Road, but there is a small track to walk down to the Culvert, and there is an information display board set up nearby. There are several other culverts of this type beneath the Woods Point Road, which was once part of the Yarra Track which miners travelled along to the Woods Point Goldfields. This Culvert is definately worth a quick visit.




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