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Marysville Tourist Information Centre

Inside the modern Tourist Information Centre there is a display of some of the animals native to the area. There is a stunning Lyrebird, beautifully displayed with his tail extended. See the photos below and then, when in the area, do drop in.


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At the tourist Info you can see this magnificent Lyrebird mounted under glass.


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Above the magnificent plumage of the Lyre shaped Tail of the male Superb Lyrebird as he projects his tail right over his body, completely disapearing during his mating ritual.




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On the left is Victoria's Fauna Emblem, the Leadbetter Possum, and above is a Sugar Glider, both local residents in the forest, and both on show at the Centre.



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Once soaring over the Rain Forests and now high up on his domain at the Tourist Centre is this huge Wedge Tailed Eagle.




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