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Beechworth Gorge Scenic Tour


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5 Km from Golden Horseshoe Monument to Newtown Bridge

3 Km from Powder Magazine to Newtown Bridge


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1        ONE TREE HILL

            During the 1850's and 1860's, many trees around Beechworth were cleared to provide timber for mine shafts and for firewood. One Tree Hill takes its name from a Red Stringybark ( Eucalyptus macrorhyncha ) still standing.

2        NATIVE PINES                        

         The unusual cypress like trees found along most of the drive are Black Cypress Pines ( Callitris endlicheri ) which thrive among dry granite outcrops.


        Enjoy the view in this section. This rugged landscape was the scene of many Kelly Gang exploits.

If you walk down the slope you will find evidence of granite being split to provide stone for local buildings and monumental masonry.  The quaries were worked from 1893 to 1934.



        The Magazine was built in 1859-60 to store the large amounts of gunpowder used in mining deep alluvial and quartz gold deposits. It has been restored and is managed by the National Trust.


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        The large granite outcrops here have been exposed by the erosion of overlying softer rocks. Rain, frost wind and sun have weathered the granite into tors, some of which have been given colourful names such as Buddah, Pumpkin Rock and Sphinx.


        Lichen and moss grow abundantly on this exposed rocky slope. These plants survive the hot dry summers and catch wind blown soil, leaves and tree seeds. The seeds germinate after winter rains and those that find a foothold in the crevices before summer may grow to maturity. The roots enlarge the crevices and the rocks are gradually broken down, creating more soil in which plants may grow.

Thousands of years from now this slope may be supporting a forest.


        Walk down to the creek where there are sculptured rock pools, and in spring many many wildflowers, including the green flowered Correa ( Correa reflexa ) and purple flowered Chockolate lily, ( Arthroopodium strictus ) to be seen. Box leafed Wattle ( Acasia buxifolia ), and the Blakeys Red Gum ( Eucalptus blakelyi ) are also present.

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8        START OF CASCADES                    

        The walk to the Cascades is well worth the effort. Park your car here and follow the track down. The trip takes about 30 minutes.


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        On the opposite side of the creek you can see the skeletons of some willow trees whick hide the end of an old tunnel.

The Rocky Mountains Extended Mining Company mined for gold in the Lake Sambell area from 1856. The tunnel was built to carry sludge from the mining site to Spring Creek.

Running for 800 metres under Beechworth itself, the tunnel took 2.5 years to complete, at a cost of 13,500 pounds. The tunnel which was 6 feet high measured 2,600 feet in length.  The tunnel was a rich source, as 6,500 ounces of gold were recovered from sluice boxes placed in the tunnel between 1869 and 1876.


        Walk down to the fenced lookout for a view of the granite bridge, completed by Scottish stonmasons in 1875 to replace a wooden bridge upstream.

A watermill once stood at the head of the falls. Known as Chevalier's Mill, it was built in 1855 and supplied the townspeople with flour and timber.

The tail race, or channel visible below the bridge was cut over a two year period in the late 1860's, enabling the area upstream to be sluiced for gold. The race is 2.4 metres deep and 410 metres long.

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Turn left and follow road to City Centre.



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