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Heaven and Hell

Lake Sambell to the Tunnels

Lake Sambell to Lake Kerferd Walk,

and on to the Wallaby Mine

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This walk begins near the Lake Sambell Caravan Park, at the end of Junction Road. The 5 kilometre walk follows Hurdle Creek/ Spring Creek, Silver Creek, and takes you past mines different to those on Reid's Creek and Woolshed Goldfields.

The area around Hurdle Flat has numerous deep mine shafts which were developed after the alluvial gold was removed. Deep lead or quartz mining was fruitful but required labour and capital. Many miners formed themselves into companies to acquire the necessary machinery and funds. The ore taken from these mines was crushed at nearby stamping batteries, with the gold then being separated from the residue.

Several shafts can be viewed along the track, but take care here.

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The walk begins at the end of Junction Road, and is a trail to the north of the creek. The trail crosses the creek by means of a new metal bridge, and then recrosses the creek with an older wooden bridge. Up to the older wooden bridge the walk is along the creek reserve between the caravan park and the residential homes, and is mainly revegetated woodland, with the exception of some huge river gums.

Once crossing the wooden bridge the nature of the walk changes, as you are entering a world where the forest was turned upside down in the 1850's by the many thousands of gold miners. Just across the bridge you can see the area has been mined extensively, with the shape of the forest floor being dredged out in this section. Continuing the walk you commence a gradual climb, but notice these unique mine shafts. There would be very few places in the entire world where you could see these gold mines or holes which have been dug 150 years ago, dug down like a well to obtain the gold bearing quartz at the bottom.

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Above is the eerie forest you enter after crossing the wooden bridge. The path winds up on the right through this washed out and overmined area of forest. You imediately feel as if you have stepped into a different world. Even the light is different here.

Bwwalk26.JPG (15234 bytes) Bwwalk27.JPG (13578 bytes)

Follow the track shown above which wanders through the forest. At times right next to the track there are mine shafts as shown above. This is a photo looking straight down the mine. It is now only about 5 metres deep. The mine shafts have metal grills over them to stop you falling in.

Bwwalk28.JPG (10323 bytes) Bwwalk29.JPG (14383 bytes)

Another form of mine shaft is this one above which looks just like a huge wombat burrow. Continue to follow the path. Mountain bikes use this path a lot.

Bwwalk30.JPG (33742 bytes)

Above is another photo of the path meandering through the eucalypt forest. Note the fenced off mine shafts on the left hand side. No where else in the world other than Australia will you see sights like this. These forests have families of Koalas in them. They have often been seen at the Silverwater Caravan Park. Keep your eyes out for them, but remember they are masters at hiding.


Nearing the Silverwater Caravan Park the trail has a loop section. You may either turn left and go uphill, or turn right and proceed downhill, then down some stairs and you will need to cross the small wooden bridge into the Caravan Park.

Bwsilv11.JPG (14581 bytes)

Only a matter of 30 metres upstream from this bridge is the junction of the Silver Creek and Spring Creek.

You will need to head upstream and cross the other small wooden bridge, and follow the trail to Heaven and Hell Tunnels, and on to Lake Kerferd.


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The Silver Creek Caravan Park is just below these Tunnels




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