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Bicycle Paths and Rail Trails, Australia


Bicycle Paths and Rail Trails, Australia


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Rail Trail


This display section is from Bowser to Tarrawingee Station, a distance of 14 Kilometres.



Bowser to Tarrawingee Station, 14 Km


From the North Wangaratta Family Motel at Bowser, proceed north for about 100 metres, and turn right into the rail trail. Head towards the Hume Freeway, and ride through the underpass.

Wgbike6.JPG (12250 bytes) Wgbike7.JPG (11584 bytes)

Above right the rail trail passes the Wangaratta North Family Motel, an ideal location for base camp for bike riders. Above right is the rail trail going under the Hume Freeway.

Upon crossing under the freeway there is a sharp right hand turn, and then the path straightens all the way to the Tarrawingee Station. The whole of the 14 km section of rail trail is flat and is suitable for the amateur rider.

Wgbike8.JPG (13677 bytes) Wgbike9.JPG (13038 bytes)

Above is a long straight view of the rail trail just out of Bowser, and above right is another view a few more kilometres along.

Wgbike10.JPG (19485 bytes) Wgbike11.JPG (17641 bytes)

Above is the bridge over Reedy Creek, the richest Gold Mining Creek or River in Australia. It still is a gem stone fossicker's dream. Above right is the spot the old Londrigan Station once stood. As you can see, my bike has a small motor on it to save me too much pedalling whilst I am photographing.

Wgbike12.JPG (13532 bytes) Wgbike13.JPG (11837 bytes)

Above left is the view looking back towards Bowser from near the Tarrawingee Station. Above right is a photo of the Tarrawingee Station, which has been built in the shape of a steam train. The station has excellent toilet facilities, good shade and cover for resting, lunches or picnics, and usually has tank water collected from the roof. The safest bet is to carry your own drinks.


Wgbike14.JPG (21843 bytes) Wgbike15.JPG (27021 bytes)

The photo above shows the Tarrawingee Station, and you can see behind the station is the magnificent Federation Tree, a Lemon Scented Ghost Gum, planted in 1901 to celebrate the forming of the Australian Nation. The tree is now over 100 years old. Its sister tree is located at Everton Station.

On the right is a photo of this historic tree. The tree trunk changes colours, from bright grey to a deep pink to a purple colour. Some of the locals use it as a weather forecaster, claiming that when bright pink and purple, the weather is changing to a long wet period.

Click on the link below to go to another of the Rail Trail Australia's sections, Everton.



Wangaratta to Bowser, 5km

Bowser to Tarrawingee Station, 14 Km

Tarrawingee Station to Everton Station, 10 Km




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