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Corowa's Annual Australia Day Parade

Below are photo's of some of the action in the 2002 Annual Australia Day Parade.


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The procession is one of the highlights of the year, with a fantastic turnout of spectators, and a full compliment of marching bands.


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Above you can see the crowd about 10 deep looking north up Sanger Street, filling the vantage spots on the large balconies, and above right the enthusiastic crowd is also deep looking south towards Wahgunyah.


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The procession involves a multitude of items, from the excellent range of marching bands, vintage cars and farm machinery, army display, horses and stagecoaches, local community floats, SES and the local fire brigades, stock car races and even the local billy cart races.


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Above was a slightly unusual entry from the Wahgunyah Discussion Group. A group of people whose message was,   " We are Thinkers, Talkers, Listeners, Learners and Explorers of New Ideas."


The Australia Day Weekend Celebrations are well worth a visit to Corowa.




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