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Corowa's Federation Museum

Queen Street Corowa, 2646

Phone       0260 331 568         0260 332 189

Museum Opened Weekends 2.00 Pm to 5.00 Pm or by arrangement.

Corowa is Famous for being the town at which a Conference was held in 1893 at which the Motion was taken from John Quick to form a Federation.


Federation occurred 7 years later, in 1901.


The Museum is alive with the history of the Federation Movement, and has magnificent photos and historical documents related to Federation.

Federation Display

            Reason for Federation

                        Corowa's Involvement

                                    Dr John Quick's Role


Amongst the many Federation Exhibits, there are two that are

Absolutely Outstanding


1 An actual moving film taken of the signing of Federation in Sydney in 1901.

2         A copy of Tom Roberts painting of the First Parliament, 9th May 1901.


Film of the Signing of Federation

The World's first motion picture  was projected onto a screen in Paris in December 1895.

This astonishing movie of Australia's Federation was taken in January, 1901, only 5 years after the invention of the moving picture, and obviously over 100 years ago.

The film has been recorded onto a video which is for sale from the Corowa Museum for only $30.00. This is an extraordinary piece of Australia's history, which any Australian would be proud to have sitting in their video library.


Cwmus10.JPG (11148 bytes) Cwmus11.JPG (13214 bytes)


Above you can see a two faint photos of the video where the soldiers are marching through the Streets of Sydney in the procession marking the birth of a nation.


Cwmus12.JPG (9768 bytes) Cwmus13.JPG (11324 bytes)

Above  you can see the Actual Signing of the Official Documents making Australia a new Nation, on January 1st, 1901.

You can obtain a copy of this video by writing to, or Phoning, the Museum.


Painting of the First Parliament by Tom Roberts.

Please click on this link to see a page on this painting.

Tom Roberts worked and lived in the Corowa district for some time, and the Museum has some interesting information on his life and works, including details on his painting of the Shearing of the Rams.


The Museum is also filled with Hundreds of Exhibits.


   Local Aboriginal Artefacts, including Tommy McRae Sketches.

   An Historical Chronological Display, covering from 1788 until 1901.

   Agricultural Implements manufactured locally.

  Horse Drawn Vehicles and Saddlery.

   1900's Lifestyle Displays.

   Local and Family History Research.

   Guided History Walks, on the First Sunday of each Month, or by arrangement


The Museum has exhibits showing how Corowa and special sections of the community progressed from 1839 until modern time.


Cwmus5.JPG (18431 bytes) Cwmus6.JPG (21830 bytes)

Above is one of the exhibits, showing settlers and early land usage. On the right are some of the horse and buggy era display.


Cwmus9.JPG (15218 bytes)

Cwmus8.JPG (21245 bytes)

Above left is a display of education during the times, and a fascinating exhibit of a classroom has been incorporated into the display, and above right is an exhibit of the PMG, the Post Master General's Department and the various methods and equipment that was used over time.


Wooden Water Pipes


Cwmus14.JPG (13144 bytes) Cwmus15.JPG (10433 bytes)


Two fascinating items on display are these wooden water pipes, used in Corowa for the town water supply in the late 1800's. These are the only wooden water pipes that can be seen in any museum in the entire region. Imagine the skill of the craftsmen in ensuring that the pipes did not leak. As you can see, they are made with two or more pieces of wood and are bound together with wire.



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