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Captain Coll McDonald

Family Legacy

Captain Coll McDonald 1863-1944

Captain Coll MacDonald was my great grandfather. I neither knew nor met this person, yet his legacy and history has stayed with this branch of the family into the current generation.

In order to preserve in some small part a record of this legacy, reproduced here, faithful to the original documents (including occasional literals) are the introduction and two essays written by Coll MacDonald circa 1937. No attempt is made to interpret, justify or criticise his writings. They remain, unaltered, as an interesting insight into his window in time.

This is his story.

Kathy Wheeler (ne Frude ne MacDonald)


This booklet on the endless universe is written for the purpose of placing on record my own observations and learning, during my life's journey of eighty years. For that period my work on earth was in connection with the shipping business, which enabled me to visit all parts of the world, excepting the two frozen poles of the earth. It also gave me the opportunity of mixing with and doing business with the various types of the human species that are on the planet earth and have their being.

My profession brought me in contact with nature's laws which I made a study of and obeyed with the result that I carried millions fo my fellow creatures to and fro all over the oceans of the little world on which we have our being, without losing a life by accident of any kind during my career.

A brief record of my life's work is stated on the first page of this Booklet, and also say that right through my whole career work was my pleasure; therefore I cannot understand why so many of my fellow creatures object to work, especially when we know that it is nature's law - even the sand on the seashore has work to do.

Coll MacDonald

The essays:

Circa 1937

Circa 1943

Newspaper clipping, date and origin unknown, post 1944.

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