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The universe is not space for it cannot be measured for it has no ends, sides no top or bottom therefore, the endless Universe has no bounds and all the material contained in it had no beginning and will have no end. It is everlasting - it always has been and always will be - therefore the universe has no set time for any event which may take place, but all material in the universe is continually on the move. Nothing is at a standstill; everything in the universe is kept continually at work by some unknown power which man can never know, but the little man has learned about the working of the universe and the material in it, goes to prove that the weak in the struggle for existence has to give place to the strong. For force is the governing law of the universe and all the material in it has to obey this law of force. Does man think he is exempt? But no, our little home on it which we call the planet earth, and on which we have our being, is compelled to obey as a small speck in the vast universe the following continuous labour. I said before the universe has no time. What we call time is only man's invention. When he learned the continuous movement of the earth in the universe, he made a clock of the world on which he lives. We the world which makes one complete round turn on its axis. This round turn from any given point until it returns to that same given point, man called this period of one day. This day he divided into 24 parts and called these parts, hours. These hours he divided into 60 parts and called them minutes, and the minutes again he divided into 60 parts called seconds.

Then again, man seeking for knowledge of his whereabouts, found that his home - the little world travelling round the sun at a mean distance from it of 93,000,000 miles, and thus completing the round journey from any given point until its return to that same given point in about 365 days at the rate of speed of 70000 miles per hour or about 613,000,000 miles in 365 days. This period is called a year, and the human race takes a holiday to celebrate the event by eating and drinking, although not 2% of the human species knows anything about it. But it gives the ignorant man an excuse to eat and drink to excess. They don't know that their short lease of life given to their bodies is spent from birth to death on an aeroplace, on the surface of which they have their steamships, motor cars, trains, and a little toy aeroplane in the air to kill one another. And all the time travelling at the rate of 70,000 miles per hour.

And again, our home the earth has another motion which gives us what we call the four Seasons of the year. This motion is brought about by the earth having to keep facing in one direction while it is travelling on it's orbil round the sun. The power which causes this motion is not known to man, but man has learned that all operation of the movement is under the control of the governing law of the universe and all the motions that have briefly been described above, are necessary for the well being of life on earth, for if any of them failed to carry on, serious trouble would follow.

For instance, if the earth were to stop rotating on its axis for one day, all life living on dry land about 35S and 35N laditude would be drowned. For the water which is 17 miles higher at the equator than at the pole, due to the speed at which the the earth revolves on its axis 24,000 miles a day, would rush back to the poles to find its level. Everybody could prove this for themselves if they were to watch a ship going up a narrow channel, the water would be drawn from each side of the channel towards the ship.

Now all that has been already said is intended to show that the laws of the universe are everlasting and every specie of life on earth is to obey them, except the human species who has introduced at some time or other muddled new order, and by degrees this new order got the name of civilisation, and in time became a hell upon earth for the human race because its man-made laws have to be obeyed as well as the laws of the universe.

For instance, a Jew in the city of Ledi in Asia Minor invented interest on the exchange system 2,500 years ago. This new invention civilisation accepted with joy, because the system allowed man to lead a lazy life, and all the Lazarus came out from under the table where they were waiting for the crumbs that would fall from the table of the hard-working man and gained equality which is contrary to the law of the universe which demands continuous work of everything it contains. Nothing is allowed to be idle and by such governing laws nothing whatever is lost in the universe, it merely changes its form or in other words, its occupation.

For instance, the moon is supposed to be a dead planet, but it goes on carrying out the laws of the universe the same as the earth which is not a dead planet. If the governing laws of the universe, as far as is known to man, were understood, all this so-called civilisation would not be tolerated by the human species, for according to the laws of the universe, it is mostly idolatory introduced by civilisation in our method of living.

Interest on money causes or creates too many drones, idlers, ne'er-do-wells to live on the interest. It also causes dishonesty in every sphere of life. It causes continuous wars among the supposed civilised nations of the world, and man being what he is - a killing animal by nature - is always ready and willing to fight. But the greatest crime against the monetary system is that it capitalises life itself for the purpose of paying interest on capital. It is estimated that the human population of the world is about 1800,000,000 and the average duration of life is about 40 years. Therefore 45,000,000 die every year to satisify creation's law, yet man living as he calls in under civilized conditions, kills many millions more of the strongest by war which is quite against the law of the universe, which decrees that the strong must prevail and the weak must go out and do something else for there is nothing lost, as I said before, in the universe, it merely changes its form.

All we know is that on earth life lives; on earth life dies. Who can say why this should be? But this we know, that when life dies it makes more earth for life to live and die again. Can civilisation's method of living alter this rule? Definitely not! Because they are unalterable, but we think we can change our method of life from day to day. But man that has developed a wagging tongue enables him to keep up a propaganda against the laws of Nature, but Nature always holds the balance of power.

But all that is known about the working of the material in the universe should be taught to the children in school. The Scientists write books on this subject, but in such language that it is only comprehensible to very few besides themselves. If the human race living under civilisation conditions understood how their existence in life depends on the governing laws of the universe, they would be better men and women and their efforts to live their duration on earth would not be such a struggle.

Out of all the many thousand different species of life that live on earth, on dry land and in the sea, the human species under civilised conditions is the only one that has no permanent method of living as ordained by the governing laws of Nature.

The monetary system is the source of all man's troubles. Although the Jewish nation has conquered the mind of the human race when they invented interest on money, and for hundreds of years they have been persecuted for it, because no other race of people on earth had sufficient brains to find a better system to replace it with that would be more satisfactory for the human race to live by. Oh man who calls himslef civilised, tell us what civilisation is when you separate it from the governing laws of Creation, for the human being is like everything in nature's law, composed of millions of atoms twisting, whirling and attracting and repelling each other in every individual from birth until death, the weak giving way to the strong, therefore no matter what is organised by civilisation it can't get away from Nature's law. every creature when born becomes a unit of atoms as ordained by the laws of Creation. But such a very large majority of the human race living as it is so called under civilised conditions never think for themselves, they only think when they are made to suffer; they have not the brains of chickens or the understanding of mules. If they had, they would see to it that the men who aspire to become rulers for the people have the necessary qualifications to do so. Every profession that has been organised by civilisation demands of its number to pass before a tribunal hard examinations to prove that they are fit for the position aimed at. Why doesn't civilisation apply the same law or rules to what we call Parliament - the most important position that man is called upon to fill on earth, and that is to administrate for the well being of the human race is left to Tom, Dick or Harry without having passed any examinations to prove his knowledge of world wide affairs, for due to the spread of civilisation which is only organised by man and his monetary system of living, no nation can live alone any more than Adam could in the Garden of Eden.

Coll MacDonald

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