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... a note from the author.

After more than 4 years of writing web pages for others, I have finally found the time, inclination and a number of damned good reason to write my own.

Producing commercial web sites can be a frustrating and disappointing business. Each individual site requires the investment of a goodly amount of creativity, advice and time. Yet time and time again office politics, "know-it-all" mates or relations and the "we've got a WSYWIG web page program and we can do it all in-house now" mind-set turn a satisfying piece of work into an embarrasment no longer worthy of linking to in a resume.

After many years of work you may have little or nothing to show for it.

(Loyal, discerning clients are a rarety, and I would advise any aspiring Web Author to look after such people with the attention they deserve ...)

Producing my own set of pages gives me a solid, reliable site that I can refer others to as "this is ALL my work". It also allows me to experiment with features, tricks and ideas that may be too adventurous to use on a client's commercial pages.

Which leads me into yet another driving force behind these pages - implementing new skills learnt throught the HTML Writers Guild On-Line Courses as a part of course assignments.

The Web is a dynamic and changing environment, but it is not truly chaotic ... yet. There are standards and guidelines that, if adhered to will allow the development of the Web to it's fullest potential for all. The web also holds a vast repository of information and assistance in learning these evolving standards, which I would advise all serious Web Authors to make use of. The HTML Writers Guild is one such avenue of self-education.

And finally, my own set of pages allows me to develop and showcase several ideas for Web content that have been dear to me for some time.

So sit back and enjoy!

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