Setting up a counter on your page

To place a counter on your page, you must change the HTML code that makes up your document. One way to do this is with a standard text editor.

At the position in your document that you want the counter to appear, include the following HTML code:
<img src="

YOU MUST change username in the above example to your own username, as per your
User Account Configuration sheet. Note also that the above code fragment is all one line.

Completing the Setup

  • First, change the string username to your own real Username, as detailed above.

  • Various digit styles are available. Change the 'dd' parameter to see the various styles. Some examples:

    Style A dd=A
    Style B dd=B
    Style C dd=C
    Style D dd=D
    Style E dd=E
    Style F dd=F

  • You can change the width of the border around the numbers by altering the 'ft' parameter:
    Frame Width 'ft' setting Result
    0 ft=0 No border
    1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 ft=1, ft=2, etc. Standard border
    6 and above ft=6, ft=7, etc 3D effect border

  • After you have set your required options, email to let us know you have set up a counter, and we will complete the required setup on our server.

An Invisible Counter

  • You may wish to implement an invisible counter. This will enable only the author of the page to view the number of page hits, and will not display a counter on the page. If you would like to implement this, do the following:

    Insert this HTML code into your page, instead of the example above:
    <img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?sh=0|df=username">
    Where username is your login username.

    You will also need to create a separate page so you can see how many hits your page has received. Insert this code into the page, customised with your desired options (all one line, no spaces):

    <img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?incr=0&ft=3&pad=n&dd=D&tr=n

    Note that the counter will not work until we have finished setting it up on our end.
Note: Our counter has many options. Above are just the most common ones, and further customisation is possible. If you still have questions, email: Support