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Wagga Wagga R.A.A.F. Museum


The RAAF Museum is located on the Sturt Highway on the "Sydney" side of Wagga Wagga.

The main Museum building has been gutted in a complete maintenance overhaul and refitting. The building is not due to be reopened until early next year.

However located next to the building are five aircraft, on permanent display, for all visitors or tourists to Wagga Wagga to come and investigate.


When the museum opens again, details of the displays will be shown on this site.


Mirage 3 Jet Fighter

A3 . 41

Above you can see a Mirage 3 Jet Fighter, one of the most successful and widely used French built aircraft. The single seat, single engine fighter was developed for high altitude, all weather combat, but has been employed in ground attack, nuclear strike, reconnaissance and training roles. First flight in 1956.




A94 982

USA. Built under license in Australia at the Commonwealth Aircraft Factory at Fisherman's Bend, ( Port Melbourne ). The Australian model was modified to take the Rolls Royce Avon Jet Engine.

Fitted with 30 mm Aden cannon and sidewinder air to air missiles.

The RAAF received 102 Sabres. The Sabres were retired in the 1970's.

Max Speed   700 miles per hour at sea level.

Ceiling           55,000 feet.




A85 - 403

Built by the Commonwealth Aircraft Factory. Took to the air 3rd February 1951.

RAAF used the Winjeel as a basic training aircraft and these were allotted to the No1 Flying Training School at Uranquinty, ( near Wagga Wagga ), and later Point Cook, ( near Geelong ), and to the Central Flying School at East Sale.

Basic training Winjeels were retired in the 1970's but some were still in service in 1995 as forward air control aircraft.

Max Speed        186 MPH

Ceiling                15,800 feet.



Gloster Meteor

A77 871

The Meteor was the first Allied jet aircraft to go into service in World War Two.

The RAAF received 111 and operated from 1946 till the early 1970's. Most of the Meteors were obtained during the Korean War. The initial results were disappointing as the Russian built MIG 15 outclassed the Meteor at high altitude.

Max Speed        590 MPH at sea level.

Ceiling               44,000 feet.



Canberra Bomber


A84 - 235

English Electric Canberra.

On the 19th January 1953 the plane was renamed Canberra by the Australian Prime Minister, Robert Menzies.

The Commonwealth Aircraft Factory, near Avalon, made 48 of these planes.

It was used in 1953 in bombing raids in Malaya.

In 1967 the Number Two Squadron left its base in Malaysia, ( Butterworth ) for its new home in Phon Nang in South Vietnam, which was to be their home for the next 5 years.

During their stay in Vietnam the Canberra flew 11,696 operational missions, and dropped 76,389 bombs.

In 1971 the Squadron returned to Australia and was based at Amberly. The Canberras were retired in 1982.

Armament        6,000 pounds of bombs on the interior, and 2,000 lbs under the wings.

Max Speed        541 MPH at 40,000 feet.

Ceiling                48,000 feet.




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