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Gardenview Lodge

235 Tone Road ( Old Hume Highway ), Wangaratta 3677

Phone 0357 221 050     Fax   0357 221 348



Gardenview Lodge is conveniently located at the southern entrance to the city, at the corner of Tone Road and Mason Street.

Aptly titled, the "Lodge" is set in the tranquility of 6 acres, of beautiful tree lined gardens. At the entrance you are warmly greeted by huge kumquat trees, forming a magnificent hedge with walk through archway into the main feature garden. Guests are encouraged to harvest the fruit from the kumquats, which fruit all year round.


Gardenview Lodge exudes a pleasant, relaxed charm. It provides a quiet friendly environment for the provident traveller.


Throughout the property the sixteen enormous palm trees that reach towards the sky, the stone walled garden beds and the many species of trees all combine to create a calming ambience, not usually found in the hustle and bustle of today.


Gardenview Lodge offers an accommodation alternative. Private secluded surroundings, well away from the noise and frenetic pace of the city, yet close enough to enjoy all the restaurants, entertainment and amenities on offer in the area.


The 26 ground floor units are spaced into four separate blocks on the grounds. Easy access and ample off street parking is a feature. Each unit has two entrance doors, one facing the car parking facility, the other opening onto the extensive central lawn, which includes the swimming pool and free barbeque area.



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