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Located at the

Rose of Sharon

An Original Rutherglen Gold Mine

Lot 40, Hopetoun Road, Rutherglen, 3685.




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Above you can see two sections of the museum, showing tools and household items of yesteryear. On the walls are many interesting facts re the history of Rutherglen.

Rutherglen and Australia's Tallest Man.

Australia's tallest man was born and lived in Rutherglen. He was 7feet 11 inches tall ( 241 cm). There are photos and details of this gentle giant at the museum.

Mining Records

            Here at the Museum there are dozens of Official Records of the larger Mines of the Area. Below is the copy of the Official Registration by the Deputy Registrar General on the 17th September 1891 of the Rose of Sharon Gold Mining Company No Liability.

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Above you can clearly see the writing of the Deputy Registrar General ... The above Company was registered by me on the twenty first day of September Eighteen hundred and ninety one by the name of "Rose of Sharon Gold Mining Company No Liability."

You can also clearly see the Official stamp dated "17 Sep 91"

The document goes on to name the Registered Office, Place of operations, the Value of the Company's Property, and the number of shares and a listing of the Shareholders.

There is also the original Rules and Regulations of the Company, known these days as the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Come into the Museum and spend hours browsing through the various documents.




Maps of Rutherglen

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Above is the Rutherglen Township as surveyed in 1861.


The museum is filled with fascinating relicts and information from the boom gold mining days. Call in and look around. There will be something to please everybody.



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