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Rose of Sharon


Lot 40, Hopetoun Road, Rutherglen, Victoria, 3685


Dwarf Bearded Iris           $4.00 Each.

Below we present you with a selection of dwarf iris.

We have a small selection of photos, but have a full listing of the names and the descriptions. Please phone us on 0260 328 428 if you need any more information, or send us an Email using the Email forms on the First Page.

Any Iris you order we send to your Post Office, and you pay when you receive your parcel.

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Butter Cookie

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Golden Ruby


Butter Cookie Clear yellow with a slightly lighter area below orange.
Chanted Mid pink with a slightly smoky cast and and lavender blue beards.
Golden Ruby Yellow standards with ruby falls edged in yellow.


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Starry Eyed

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Wind Rose


Starry Eyed Glistening white standards with columbine blue falls
Wind Rose Soft pink bi-tone


Listing of Dwarf Bearded Iris

                                                                                $4.00 Each

Baby Blessed Creamy yellow self with veined falls, reblooming 3- 4 times per year.(d,bb)N
Butter Cookie Clear yellow with a slightly lighter area below orange.(bb)S
Centricity (c)L
Chanted Mid pink with a slightly smoky cast and lavender blue beards.(d,f,t)L
Chirrup Blue white with a pastel yellow overlay and blue beards.(l,t)N
Coffee Boy Buff, violet and gold tan blend.(a,c)N
Crown Princess White standards with yellow falls.(f)L
Esoteric Beige, cream and pink with tangerine and violet beards.(p)L
Fairy Footsteps Cool blue, white edged, pale blue, rebloomer.(c,k)L
Fifi A smooth apricot with slightly deeper falls.(c,x,l)
For Fun Violet standards with cream base, creamy lemon falls, violet stitching.(f)L
Frosted Angel Pure white with the faintest blue on the falls.(a,n,t)L
Fuzzy Devil Antique gold with fuzzy blue violet beards.(c,d,bb)L
Gigglepot Beige pink standards and rose magenta falls with a pink beige edge.L
Golden Ruby Yellow standards with ruby falls edged in yellow.(c,d,q)L
Gossip Bright yellow with blue mauve beards, ruffled rebloomer.(c,m)L
Hi Sailor White with a blue spot on each fall.(x)L
Honey Behold Cream gold with a tan overlay, flared and ruffled.(a,c,t,bb)L
Irish Trick Champaign cream top, red brown falls.(x)S
Jazzamataz Ruffled creamy lemon standards, rich ruby red falls edged in lemon.(y,bb)
Jazzman Ruffled lemon gold, orange beards.(b)S
Lilac'n'ice Lavender lilac standards, white falls with stitched lavender lilac edge.(f,r,t)L
Making Eyes Cream standards and rose falls edged in cream.(b,c)L
Mara of Aram Deep purple burgundy self, slightly darker on falls, rebloomer.(f,n,o)L
Moon Dawn Blue grey with rose and tan, rebloomer.(c,d,t)L
Moon Sundae Dark magenta with deeper spot on falls, purple beards, rebloomer.(a,f,r,z)L
My Sheba Light peach self with peach beards.(l)S
Pal Sam Cream stitched purple, less stitching on the falls.(c,bb)L
Peach Eyes Pastel peach pink, early flowering.(b,g)L
Pip Creamy white with faint blue violet stitching around the edges.(a,f)N
Quark Smoky lavender stds, ruby violet falls with smoky lavender edge.(k)S
Raspberry Jam A bright red violet with a deeper spot on the falls, rebloomer.(i,r,c,x,l)S
Rosy Lulu Light rosy magenta with white beards.(a,f,x,l)
Smokey Imp Smokey pink with a deeper overlay on the falls.(a,b,y)L
Smokey Pieces Smokey lavender with a lavender flush, rebloomer.(c,k)L
Sniffs'n'Sneezes Cream peppered and stitched tan.(c,t)L
Star Date Clear medium blue with a lighter area on the falls.(b,c)S
Starry Eyes Glistening white standards with columbine blue falls.(a,f,n,t)L
Taja White with heavy purple stitching.(a,f,t)L
Tarheel Elf Red, blue black with blue beards, ruffled, rebloomer.(k,u,c,x,l)S
Tiger Bean Old gold with ruby markings near the beard.(c.g)
Wanderer Cream beige and cocoa coffee bi-colour.(c,f,k)L
Wind Rose Soft pink bi-tone.(k,u)S
Zama Magenta with a deeper spot on the falls.(a,t)N
Zounds Blue, lilac tan and olive blend with blue beards.(l,n)L


We send your order to your Post Office, and you pay when you receive your parcel.


How to Order.

    By Phone, simply ring us at Rutherglen on 0260 328 428

    By Letter, simply write to us at The Rose of Sharon Iris Garden

                                                             Lot 40 Hopetoun Road

                                                 Rutherglen, Victoria, 3685.

    By Email, simply fill out the forms on page one.





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