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The ElDorado Museum is an excellent museum which has a wide variety of well presented articles, from the old school for which it originally was, being school number 246 in Victoria, to such items as period costumes and clothes, World War items and memorabilia, original muzzle loading rifles, phonograph with cylinders, home wares, pedal organ purchased in 1880, the history and photo's of the dredge, a huge rock, gold and gem stone collection, and of course the history of mining in Eldorado. There are numerous farm machinery and horse carts and trailers.

An interesting by product of the museum is that the base granite around the school building clearly shows the drill holes used in the blasting process in the shaping of the blocks.


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Above is the original Gramaphone complete with the cylindrical "records or CD's".

On the left is the magnificent pedal organ purchased in 1880.



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An old horse drawn Butchers Cart with enclosed meat cupboard on back.

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The high pressure water nozzle used to sluce away the dirt or soil to a lower point.

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A display of farm machinery.



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One of many interesting Farm Machines

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The old but efficient telephone.

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One of many antique tractors.


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