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Australian Aboriginal Paintings


Australian Aboriginal Paintings


In the pages below you will find a selection of Australian Aboriginal Paintings

                                             by renowned Australian Aboriginal Artist Eddy Harris.


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Billabong Hunting


" This painting shows a waterbird landing in the muddy water of a billabong, to look for food in the weeds, bushes and deep waterholes."

                                                                                                    Eddy Harris


The above close up shows the intricate workings of the traditional aboriginal artwork, with the painting consisting of thousands of "Dots".

The waterbird is landing in the muddy billabong, and the brown and dark red dots represent the mud. The white dots represent the water, the circles filled with smaller circles represent the deep waterholes. The blue dots represent the water weeds, and the circles full of yellow the bushes.

The green wiggly lines represent the snakes that congregate around the outback billabongs.

At an outback billabong, anybody can become the hunted.


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