Who are the Hash House Harriers?

Not to be confused with serious Harriers, who actually enjoy running,

Hash House Harriers may be described, depending on your outlook on life, as

Runners with a drinking problem

or as

Drinkers with a running problem.

Whatever your outlook, basically Hash House Harriers, or Hashers, are people who get a bit of exercise by running or walking a route set out by the Hare, and, when arriving at the end of the trail, the Hashers would then enjoy the company of the other Hashers and Harriettes (the Female of the species) while partaking of food and/or drink (Nosh).

Hash House Harriers had their beginnings in KualaLumpur , Malaysia, in approx 1938, and spread from there so that now there is hardly anywhere on the Earth (well, maybe Antartica, ... not yet) that has not been touched by the Hash House Harriers movement

Useful Internet Links

You can check out The Global Hash House Harriers Homepage to get the "big picture" on Hashing or The Australian Hash House Harriers Homepage to get the Aussie connection.

Where is Albury - Wodonga?

Albury, New South Wales, and Wodonga, Victoria, straddle the Murray River, which, in this part of Australia (the South East, between Sydney and Melbourne), represents the State Border. The regional population is approx 100,000, and, with Australia's snow fields (both Mt Kosciuszko and Falls Creek regions) and water wonderlands (both Lake Hume and the Murray River) with-in easy reach, Albury-Wodonga is ideally situated for all sorts of past times. Oh, and yes, the Rutherglen Wine Region, one of Australia's Top Red and Fortified Wine regions (and I'm told the Whites are OK as well) is only about 30 minutes away by road. Further Tourist information can be obtained from HERE.

Who are the Albury - Wodonga Hash House Harriers?

Currently numbering about ten to a dozen dedicated Hashers with another fifteen or twenty or so less dedicated Hashers, the local chapter of the HHH runs at 6:30 p.m. each Monday evening (exceptions are made, i.e. on Christmas Day, 2000, a Monday, we ran at 10 a.m.), and the runs/walks are of about 45 to 60 minutes duration depending on which sicko, I mean Harrier, is Hare that night.

On On's, the Start/Finish locations, can be anywhere with-in reason, and these are usually selected by the Hare for that night about five weeks in advance and if the GM (the Grand Master/Mattress) decides the Hare is in need of practise at Trail setting, the GM can award penalty Runs. The GM may also impose penalties, which usually consists of a Down Down, i.e. "skulling" an alcoholic concoction. If the GM is game, he/she may then call for "Down Down's" from the floor. This is the packs chance to get even with other Hashers who may have been caught (the only crime ... getting caught) behaving in a fashion as to bring the Hash into disrepute. This could include, but is not limited to:-

With the Ceremonies over, the pack melt away, hopefully before the drinks have run out (or that would mean a Down Down for the BrewMaster at the next On On), only to gather in another seven days, at some other place, as choosen by the next Hare.

On On
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