Historical status reports for 2019

07:35	 Loss of external connectivity to our main servers. Engineers
	 investigating found upstream was resetting BGP. Fixed and
	 back running 08:05. Root cause being researched.

01:03	 Scheduled work by our upstream warns of a couple of minutes
	 downtime while routes change. Appears AAPT failed to accept
	 some of the new routes, resulting in some services being
	 unreachable outside our network. Engineers finally contacted
	 at 6:30am and all services restored at 6:47am.
	 Process failure analysis underway.

14:02	 Partial loss of connectivity to several hosts in S1 datacentre.
	 Servers were all reachable again in about 90 seconds.
	 Investigations are underway to find the cause and prevent any repeat.