Historical status reports for 2018

04:00    We have been advised of an "urgent works" requirement by the datacentre
	 and are expecting an outage of 30-60 minutes from 4am.
09:06	 Become aware that we have not been getting RADIUS auth requests.
	 Problem has been identified as telco RADIUS server died at 6:27
	 and went un-detected by their monitoring. Service restored 9:58
	 after talking with telco engineers and they rebooted their server.

18:00	 We are upgrading some of our Melbourne infrastructure, and are
	 anticipating up to 60 minutes of server downtime for our mel-2
	 and mel-3 servers. These are primarily quaternary nameserver,
	 backup monitoring and some VPN services. No impact is expected
	 to any customers.

11:45	 The shutdown of several servers planned for 11am was deferred
	 45 mins to facilitate unplanned access difficulties at the
	 datacentre. All hosting on syd-5, dataretention and liveweatherviews
	 systems is anticipated to be down for 30 minutes while a new
	 storage subsystem is installed, requiring servers to be relocated
	 within the rack, and additional fibre interfaces to be installed.
	 ILO back 12:00
	 All other services back 12:12