Historical status reports for 2017

00:07	 Appears AAPT have an aggregation switch failure and half of our
	 upstream providers network is down. They're working on it but no ETR.
	 All ADSL and NBN services affected.
	 (Resolved 01:00)

10:00	 Due to power infrastructure upgrades at our office, some
	 services (billing queries etc) will be offline for approx
	 1hr. (Work completed. System was offline 10:08-10:48am)

10:12	 Billing, accounts and enquiries, office phones, weather
	 and aviation data all offline. Construction workers 400m
	 away have put an excavator through the main street cable.
	 Waiting on repair crew.
	 (13:15. Repair crew still at least 3 hours away. Taken
	 action myself, it's only a 30-pair cable, have done a
	 temporary repair to at least get back online)