Historical status reports for 2013

14:26	 Main mail and auth server stopped responding. Engineers were
	 working in the rack but are sure they didn't do anything to
	 cause it. (Hell of a coincidence however). System restarted,
	 services restored 14:45

00:08    100% loss of all ADSL services in all states. Outage was coincident with
         an upgrade in AVGC capacity but no outage was notified by supplier.
         Services restored 00:58 but investigations into why no outage notice was
         supplied before the event being made.
05:32    At 04:38 the terminal server supporting (amongst other things) our
	 weather station became non-responsive. Tech attended site but was not
         able to restore it. A replacement was sourced and configured, service
         was restored at 05:29
08:54    Main mail and authentication server stopped responding. 
         Server restarted, services restored, 9:05. Logs indicate
         DDoS attack, looking at ways to mitigate it in future.