Historical status reports for 2010

12:24    Our sydney servers are isolated from the rest of the network, resulting
	 in no DNS, auth or mail. A failed cisco 2950 switch has been identified
         as the culprit, a tech is onsite replacing with a gigether switch now.
         Some services back (13:40) everything else should be back shortly.
00:05    There will be an estimated 5 minute outage between 00:05 and 00:10 while
	        a core routing device is reloaded as part of a firmware upgrade.
         The only affected customers will be ADSL2 and a few ADSL1 services.
00:06	 Vendor applied patch to LNS firmware resulted in an exception and
	 reboot of the LNS, resulting in all tunnels to be cleared. Approx
	 8 minutes before authentication restarted. Affected most ADSL and
	 dialup connections.

12:00    During the period 12:00 to 16:00 we will be testing additional backup
         links, BGP routing functionality and general failover link performance.
         We do not anticipate significant disruption during this time, however
         there may be a few short (1 to 2 minute) periods of reduced connectivity
         while links settle. (This work would normally be conducted around 2am
         but for operational reasons these tests must be done in business hours.)
11:15    There is an auth issue - seems to be australia-wide affecting most if
         not all optus wholesale users, not just ALI customers. We have confirmed
         3G, dialup and some ADSL2 services australia-wide are down. Optus are
         working on the problem.
19:00    Our wholesaler has a hardware failure on their radius authentication
         system, as a result we are not seeing users auth requests. They have
         technicians on the way to the data centre with replacement hardware.
         Updates as they come to hand.
14:30    More tomfoolery at the wholesalers. The national dialin number is broken
         yet again. No reason given, continuous stream of promises of it being
         fixed in 20 minutes - still down 18 hours later with no ETR.