Historical status reports for 2005

07:45	 Scheduled shutdown of our main mail/auth server for
	 essential maintenance.
	 (Shutdown 7:47, back up 7:57, failing PSU replaced)

02:00	 Telstra advise that there will be an interruption to
	 our service from 02:00hrs AEDT (UTC+11h) on Wed 21
	 Sept 2005 in order to perform scheduled maintenance
	 work. They indicate an expected outage of 10 minutes.
	 The location of the works may affect customers using
	 our Albury, Corryong, MtBeauty and Wangaratta POPs.

20:29    Aparant fault with Indigo number 0260-269277.
S116672569 Users calling thsi number get no progress tone at all,
	   no ring, no busy, nothing. Reported as fault. Jimmy
	   has tested it and says open circuit at 92 metres
	   (interesting, since it's a CDNO service!)
03:00	 Massive state-wide DSL outage. AAPT aparantly have lost
	 40,000 odd dsl connections in NSW. No ETR.

19:13	 Loss of service to Mount Beauty. Tech called to site.
	 Remote/reverse login showed loss of sync on ISDN lines.
	 Reset circuit breakers on telstra rack (3 tripped),
	 unplugged and re-plugged ISDN/PRI cables from terminal
	 server to telstra. Sync recovered, link re-established
	 19:38 and users on-line within a minute of then.

06:00	 Due to exchange work being done at the Telstra exchange
	 in Wangaratta, we have been advised of an interruption
	 to this service at 6am for approximately 2 minutes (if
	 you can believe that!)
	 Affected: users calling Wangaratta, Winton and Yarrawonga.
	 Work completed in 4 min 10 seconds. Nice when things
	 go according to plan! All services operational.