Historical status reports for 1996

16:55	ISDN links have been restored.

16:15	Most Telstra ISDN services in the 060 and 069 areas just failed.
	This has left us off-air for the moment, with no idea of how long
	repairs are going to take. Usually, massive faults like this are
	fixed quickly....

14:35	Telstra Internet are proud to announce that an additional
	8Mb/s of international capacity has commenced operation,
	connected at Perth to the router wel-core1.Perth.telstra.net.
	This additional bandwidth brings the total U.S.-bound capacity
	of Telstra Internet to 50Mb/s. 

14:34	Cable problems appear to have been repaired.

8:30	It appears all the cables under "Iron Cove Bridge" have been severed
	this morning, resulting in massive interruption to many 
	telecommunications paths, including thousands of telephones in the
	northern suburbs. Telstra are moving a barge in under the bridge to
	facilitate repairs. We still have no estimate on repair times.

16:45	The router problem has been fixed. Additional network
	monitoring has been implemented to detect this kind of
	faulure mode should it occur again in the future.

15:30	There is a router problem in Sydney, causing intermittent
	but significant packet loss. The problem is being worked
	on at the moment. We have no estimated repair time yet.

10:30	Our National and International links have been UPGRADED 
	You should notice significant improvements in throughput.

15:00	For even better use of the link, set your FTP, HTTP and GOPHER
	proxy under "Network settings" in your browser to
	proxy.albury.net.au on port 3128