ALI implements ORBZ spam rejection (UPDATED).

With the increasing problems of SPAM, and increasing complaints about SPAM, we have been forced to implement much harsher measures to minimise the SPAM our subscribers receive.

In an earlier article we referred to spam and some things our subscribers could do, however the 300% increase in spam over the last 3 months has convinced us it is time to try some more drastic steps.

Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to reject all SPAM without some "collateral damage", and the main reason we have been building reject lists manually has been to minimise this problem. The job is just becomming far too big, with up to 140,000 messages per day being sent through our mail server.

Therefore, we are asking your co-operation and understanding during this trial period. IF you should find you are unable to receive mail from someone you need to, please LET US KNOW by calling our office, or e-mailing with details. We should be able to selectively enable mail from an otherwise blocked user or site.

We know and appreciate that there will be SOME pain involved with this change, but currently we have 50 complaints about excess spam to each complaint about a valid address being blocked. We would very much like to find a "happy medium".

We will be constantly monitoring the situation, and will review it at the end of the month.

You can now monitor our spam rejection in real-time too:

(Published on 19-Jan-2002 14:31 by RossW, read 84 times)
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