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Unfortunately the Wangaratta Council

Have Closed this magnificent facility.


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Located inside an enormous wide span hangar, the Wangaratta Airworld Museum is an all weather museum which caters for the whole family. On display is a huge range of aircraft, from experimental machines, ultralights, commercial cargo planes to army jet fighters and missiles.

Above the main plane, x16A, is a Douglas C47. This aircraft, the DC3, was the most famous and widely used transport aircraft of all time. The DC3 could seat 28, had a range of 2500 km, and a cruising speed of 307 kph.

Behind the DC3 with its front dors wide open is a huge Bristol Freighter 170. This machine was built in 1954 and saw service with the Royal Pakistan Airforce until 1960. This machine could carry 30 fully equipped troops, had a range of 1320 km, and a cruising speed of 311 kph.

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Above are some very early models of ultralights, whilst above right is an experimental helicopter, and below is the Silver City, which is a Lockheed 12A. First flown in USA in 1937. Christened Silver City as the aircraft attracted the attention of BHP, and allowed rapid journeys between Melbourne, Broken Hill, Western Australian Goldfields and other remote mining locations. The Lockheed seats 8, and has a range of 1280 km, and a cruising speed of 327 kph.

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Above left is a Flying Doctor Plane, a De Havilland Drover DH A3 -MK 3B. Delivered to the Commonwealth Department of Health in 1952, based in Darwin, and was transferred to the Royal Flying Doctor Service in 1959, based at Charleville, QLD. This aircraft seats 7, and has a range of 1200 km, and a cruising speed of 225 kph.

Above right is an amazing feat of Australian invention. It is the Gyrocopter "Australia 2", designed and built by Mr Harley Newman, a Sydney Engineer, who amazed the Americans with his radical flying and set new standards for gyrocopter flights.

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Above left is a De Haviland DH - 84 Dragon. Its first flight was in 1942 for the RAAF, and in 1947 was sold to Quantas and used in New Guinea. Puff the Dragon seats 9, and has a range of 877 km, and a cruising speed of 183 kph.

Above right is the helicopter made famous by the Television show, MASH. It is a Bell 47 sioux Helicopter, first flown in 1945. This type of helicopter was probably produced in greater numbers than any other helicopter in the world. Well over 65 machines have been flown by the Australian Army. The helicopter seats two, ( in the Korean War the injured were strapped to the skids ), and has a range of 336 km, and a cruising speed of 138 kph.


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Above right you can see a Mirage 3 Jet Fighter, one of the most successful and widely used French built aircraft. The single seat, single engine fighter was developed for high altitude, all weather combat, but has been employed in ground attack, neuclear strike, reconnaissance and training roles. First flight in 1956.

To see these aeroplanes and many, many more, please drop into the Wangaratta Airport on Greta Road, about 1 km from the Hume Freeway.


Unfortunately these magnificent airoplanes have been sold off by the Wangaratta Council.

The Photos have been left as this was such a magnificent collection.


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