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Rutherglen Attractions


Lake King

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Lake King is located on the west of the main Rutherglen Street, and is between the Caravan Park and the Golf Club. There are picnic facilities here as well as many ducks and geese, and long necked turtles. All of them will help you eat your picnic lunch.

There is a walk around Lake King which is quite scenic and only takes about 10 to 15 minutes at a slow pace. Depending on the day you will see a large variety of birds.


Memorial Park


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Memorial Park is located in Murphy Street, and has the Cenotaph, magnificent trees, old cannons and a rotunda. There are good toilet facilities here, and a playground for children, and a covered BBQ area. The photo above of the childrens playground was taken from the levee bank of Lake King.


Rutherglen Stagecoach


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Above you can see the Rutherglen Stagecoach. It operates from the Poachers Paradise Hotel in the main street, and generally visits a few wineries. Drop into the hotel and inquire.


Mt Ochtertyre


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The road runninig between the Murray Valley Highway and the River or Howlong Road which passes Morris Wines is known as Mia Mia Road. To get to Mt Ochtertyre from Rutherglen head towards Wodonga and turn left into Mia Mia Road, drive past Morris Wines and nearing the river end you will see a Dry Weather road named Ochteryre on your left. Turn into this road and drive for about 2 Km. You will see the above Sign in the paddock on your right saying Mt Ochtertyre Scenic Reserve. Climb over the fence using this stye photographed above, and walk to the top. The return trip will take about 30 minutes.

From the top Major Mitchell was able to plan his crossing of the Murray River. You can still get a magnificent view, as in the photo above.

To see where Major Mitchell crossed the river, click into the Howlong Information Pages on this site and look under Howlong Tourist Attractions, or click the link below.

                                                     Howlong Tourist Attractions




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