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Euroa Fish Ladder

At the Seven Creeks Gardens on the Old Hume Highway, right in the middle of Euroa, there is a barbeque rotunda and a toilet block for the tourists. Behind these there is a bridge across the creek, and under the bridge is a retaining wall, damming the water to form a lake in the gardens.

In the photo above, you can see the lake in the middle of the picture, and the dam wall under the bridge. The fish ladder is made of concrete, and is covered with a thick metal mesh, see foreground of picture.

So that the fish can still travel both up and down stream, a fish ladder has been built. The fish ladder is a whole series of mini locks where the water swirls around each of the locks and then flows down to the next, allowing fish to swim up hill.

Many native fish are migratory, and need to swim upstream and downstream for breeding as part of their natural life cycle. Fish known to use these fishways are Trout Cod, Yellow Belly and Murray Cod.



Euroa Show and Shine

Vintage, Veteran, Classic and Special Interest Cars Show and Shine



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